What is Vajazzle!!!

What is Vajazzle!!!

So I’ve been reading a few articles, watching TV and this word¬†Vajazzle¬†kept¬†cropping up and I’m like what the heck is it? So I did a wee bit of searching and found out its a fun & sexy step further than a Brazilian…not a hot guy ( if only ;p) but a lil addition to getting a wax, which I love, throw in some bling patterns even better. So I thought what a perfect¬†surprise¬†if your thinking of something a lil spicy for valentine, special¬†occasion¬†or just like Jennifer Love Hewitt who made the craze popular ( saucy girl) to cheer herself up after a break up.

Whatever the reason it sounds fun and I want to try so¬†here’s¬†a lil video heads up, oh and if your easily¬†embarrassed¬†then you can also do it in the confides of your bedroom, just be sure no ones home to avoid any¬†uncomfortable¬†explaining as to what the heck your doing lol

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