Sexy Cooking To Seduce Your Man

Sexy Cooking To Seduce Your Man

Cooking a meal for your man can be both exciting & scary depending on your culinary skills! what a perfect time to test out those skills than for valentines day. Why not ditch the usual restaurant & get down & dirty in the kitchen (oi save that thought for later ;p). I have cooked for my man in the past & there’s no better way to look after him than to go the extra mile by turning your kitchen into a little intimate lurve bistro for you both.

Follow these simple tips for making any dining experience more sensual, let the fun begin.

• Try to pre prepare as much as possible so you don’t panic that things will be ready on time or get nervous if he’s there watching on, especially if your going to cheat a few bits lol

• Add candles, or even better scented ones. Arrange not just on the dining table but also around the room — on counters, side tables, the mantel. The soft flicker of flames makes anyone look sexier & seductive.

• When he arrives ready to eat you can great him with some sexy lingerie, heals & maybe one of those sexy aprons from ann summers. Tell him to take a seat, & ask if you can get him anything before the main meal.

• Sit side-by-side. Some guys find eating face-to-face weirdly intense. But sitting on the same side of the table allows both intermittent physical contact and eye contact. You may get a little flirty & feed each other.

• Even better use your hands. Eating with your fingers makes the experience feel more primal and pleasurable. Foods to try this with: platter selection, fish, potato wedges dipped in sour cream, mini grilled-chicken sandwiches —fruits, use your imagination, just make sure its nothing that will make your breath smell as were hoping for romance soon after.

• Make sure desert is something you can do more than just eat! why not serve yourself up as the main event. Make sure its nothing hot or crumbly oouch. Remember ladies the way to a mans heart is through his tummy so hopefully this will be one meal that he will never forget.

Any hot tips or stories you care to share please let us know & Good luck

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