This has to be one of our biggest annoyance. No matter what we try we can never seem to stop them from coming. When we put on weight, when we get pregnant and even when we maintain the same weight they seem to just turn up. What are we talking about?  STRETCH MARKS!!

I think the key problem with a lot if us is we dont really know why they come and why black girls get it worse then white girls. Well let me tell you what i  know. Its very difficult to reverse stretch marks without a lot of tender but this may help you with preventing it from getting worse or preventing you from getting them at all.

The skin on  black girls is darker because they have more melanin in t here skin. This pigment protects against sunlight, which in turn slows down the aging process. Consequently this keeps black skinned women looking younger than their white counterparts. But unfortunately hyper-pigmentation or darkening of the skin is a problem as their skin scars and stretch marks form so easily.

Black girls generally will have excessive natural oils in the face but a drier skin on the body. For the reason their skin is inclined to lose elasticity more easily which results in stretch marks. The black girl or woman often finds plucking or shaving can result in the formation of dark spots that easily irritates the skin.

Black skin needs heavy oil like shea butter to penetrate deep into the skin so that it is well hydrated though not overly oily. This is also a good product to use during pregnancy. This will keep the skin more elasticated to lessing the chance of stretch marks. A sunscreen should be used daily to prevent uneven pigmentation. Interestingly enough shea butter contains large quantities of Cinnamic acid, which is a natural sunscreen. Creams containing Retin- A or Tretinoin are suggested for dealing with hyper-pigmentation.

One of the best creams available to get rid of stretch marks on a black girl is Trilastin SR, as this has been proven to work on all skin types and comes with a solid guarantee and is available world wide. It is a bit expensive but I’m sure we dont mind paying an extra buck for stuff that works.

In all remember stretch marks comes from our hyper-pigmentation that does keep us looking younger longer so its not all bad but we have to make extra sure we oil and lubricate our skin on our bodies if we want to be stretch mark free.

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