Do guys of color enjoy going down south? Its been a age long question in the community to weather or not they actually enjoy it. Its almost become Mythology lol. Many men complain that they’re not the ones with the issue. As it turns out, many women of color , worry that their men don’t really enjoy going down, so to save face they join in on the act which in turn makes other men feel they should too. So starts the circle. But according to my older sister its more the younger guys then the olders that feel this way. Many women also have a low sense of genital self-esteem, and feel like their vulva’s are not necessarily their most attractive feature. But the truth is Black men are just like any other of guys and just enjoy every aspect of sex with their partners, from the touchy feely, the kiss, the foreplay basically the works.

The bigger problem is that with guys in general is they use porn-style moves and make like a cobra defending itself from a mongoose lol. I remember my friend telling me her guy’s oral-sex style, “It’s like he’s running the 100m sprint, a mad dash to her sensitive parts.. then nash!! (ouch lol) Sometimes its alright but most of the time its just too much. Guys don’t understand that down there is really sensitive, so slow & light to start is miles better and feels delightful.

It would be great that you can get up from the great session of last night and say yer that was mind blowing rather then ermm it was alright or stooop. We believe rather than worry that a guy might not be into going down south, instead focus on how to give him constructive feedback. Let him know what feels good and what doesn’t. It’s always OK to tell a guy to be gentler, to slow down, or to keep doing what he’s doing.

If you have a guy who’s a little shy, you can always tell him that you had a sexy dream about him, and when he asks you what you dreamed about, be sure to include some long-lasting description of what you would like & show him how much it turned you on. But if your guy needs a little nudge, then give him one. Literally. Gently push his head in a right direction during foreplay. And if he is one of those “bad men” who likes to get more than gives, or has some old-school ideas about feminine hygiene, then it’s time to set him straight. He needs to know that the Lady parts is a self-cleaning eco-system, and that’s when it comes to the female orgasm, the tongue is mightier than the sword. Amen to that!

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  1. dre

    there’s no doubt about it i believe every guy will do it ounce in their life i personally aim to please my partner wen it comes to sex so i dont mind if she wants it infact i would willingly do it without her asking i believe sex is for pleasuring each other this whole bad man dont do it is rubbish they will all do it at least once

    1. peeks

      hey dre, i agree, if both parties are being safe, considerate to each others needs and are comfortable i dont see why not to try it at least once in your relationship. Im sure your lady is pleased at your willingness ;p thanks for the feedback badman lol x

  2. JJ

    Ain’t nothing wrong with it, just gotta know what your doing. The control you can have over a womans body with your Tongue is amazing. Grown folks business

  3. JJ

    Ain’t nothing wrong with it, just gotta know what your doing. The control you can have over a womans body with your Tongue is amazing. Grown folks business

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