How To: DIY Sexy Denim Shorts

How To: DIY Sexy Denim Shorts

I can start to feel the sunshine already woohoo, I have been looking around for some cute denim shorts & instead of spending more money & not getting the ones that fit my booty the way i like (hey hey) i thought why not cut up some jeans im not gonna miss. So if you feel the same why not give this wee tutorail a go, watch out Vogue! ;p

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  1. Yuriko

    Love this tutorial but Where did u buy the shorts you started with? I’ve been trying to find some cute high waisted shorts but still no luck.

    1. peeks

      hey hun, glad u enjoyed the tut! i didnt do this one i found it & thought i wud share, u can get sum great shorts from many vintage shorts or try an online search in ebay or amazon . let me know how u get on xx

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