For those of you that have been lost in the sea of chemical and straighteners it may be time to give your head of hair a much needed breather. But the sound of this may send chills down your spine at the thought of going natural in public. So let us show you the 10 golden rules to think about  to remember about your beautiful hair styles and your natural God given hair.

1 – You should be thankful for the hair that adorns your head. Your hair is your ‘crown of glory’ treat it as such.

2– Thou shalt not idolize the hair that adorns another’s head. The hair on your head is unique, it’s what makes you you.

3 – You should not take the hair that adorns your head for granted. Be aware of the damage that chemicals and heat can cause, some of the damage is irreversible eeek.

4– Remember to take the necessary time to pamper your hair. Create a routine, set aside specific days for sealing your ends, massaging, trimming, washing, conditioning and styling your hair. A healthy head of hair will be your reward.

5 – Respect your  mother, father and ancestors for the beautiful traits that they have bestowed upon you, one of which is your natural crown of glory. Wear your natural hair with pride.

6 – You should not attempt to use a fine-tooth comb to de-tangle your hair. Even before using a wide-tooth comb, use your fingers to de-tangle, and when de-tangling always start from the ends and work your way up towards your scalp.

7 – You should not be ashamed to wear your natural hair in public. Wigs, weaves, braid extensions etc. They are all wonderful temporary ‘protective’ and ‘transition’ styles, but they don’t compare to the beauty of your natural hair which needs air to grow and be healthy.

8 – You should not kill the hair follicles on your head – with high heat, harsh chemicals or tight styles. Stay away from pore clogging, dry scalp causing petroleum based products; use natural essential oil based ones instead. Be gentle with your hair, seek out professional stylists who have experience in styling your hair type.

9 – You should not bad mouth your neighbour’s hair. Be respectful and encouraging to those who have not yet chosen to wear their hair natural. Negative comments will only turn them away from the natural hair community.

10– Appreciate the hair that you were blessed with. Try different styles and accessories that accentuate your very own personality and style.

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  1. Catherine Denis

    Also, do not get discouraged by those who do not love natural hair and, therefore, do not like yours. Ignore the nasty comments and know that your hair is beautiful.

    1. peeks

      hey catherine, so true! i use to get teased when i was young for my natural hair, but now im in the process of growing it back. It really is beautiful ;] so is your hair natural? x

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