Great Ways To make Extra Cash!

Great Ways To make Extra Cash!

Have you ever found yourself running low on cash, or waiting for your pay cheque to clear etc. Well have you ever thought about trying to make some extra cash on the side? Yes but i dont know how peeks, well here are a few tips you can try to get you on your way, ching ching!

Keep a coin jar
This is a tried and tested method of making some unexpected cash. This works on the principle that when something is out of sight, it is out of mind. Every time you return home, just flip all the change you have in a jar and forget about it. You will be surprised at how much the change amounts to in a short period of time. This is sooo good, ive almost made £100 by letting it mount up, be sure to let go of the 50ps & pound coins & it will be a life saver when you need it most ;p

Car Boot sale
If you look around your house, you are sure to find a lot of stuff that is in good condition, but you hardly ever use. It is better to give this away at a highly discounted price and make some money rather than keep it around & have it loose even more value. Most people can hardly resist a bargain and as long as you ask for the right price, you will be able to sell most of the stuff you put up for sale. Just let it go, think of the extra space you will have to put new stuff…or not  lol

Have a virtual sale
If you do not live in an area where a physical sale is feasible, have a virtual sale. Put up stuff on websites like EBay, Amazon etc for sale. You may even get lucky and earn more than you imagined when people start bidding for your stuff. This is one of the best unexpected ways to make cash.

Write online reviews or Surveys
There are many websites that pay people to write reviews or take surveys. All you need is some basic knowledge of the product. The pay per review may not be very great, but if you write enough reviews or surveys, you can end up with a considerable amount of extra cash. Just beware of scams & read the small print.

Any other tips you can share please let us know, we could all do with a lil extra for a rainy day.

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