Female Issues: Why Am I So Emotional Lately?

Female Issues: Why Am I So Emotional Lately?

Ah the joys of being a woman! one minute were happy, floating on air la la la, the next were a crumpled mess crying in the bathroom because someone spilled the milk & didn’t clear it up lol. An emotional person is someone who is easily affected with or stirred by emotions. It is good to know ourselves and our personalities. Some people are more emotionally led than others, and knowing this can prevent lots of heartache and pain in life.If your a whole whirlwind of emotions & don’t really know why then here are a few suggestions as to what could be going on behind the scenes. Cheer up girly ;]

1. Period. Sometimes I feel myself getting really uptight & angry about small things. Then when i catch myself & wonder why I’m so uptight, I remember that… ah my period is due…PMT! Some people suffer really bad from this. I have a friend who can be a bit of a monster at this time so I steer clear. If you feel a bit out of control at this time, more than the average person then do a bit of research. Find out what your triggers are, learn to relax & breath. When does your mood begin to change during the month? etc. Oh & always apologise to others for your diva outbursts, you think they don’t notice or should understand why your having a dig & a moan about every little thing, but don’t make poor excuses for being an out of control pre menstrual monster lol

2. Work load. There have been times in my life especially when I was signed to a major record company (part of my girl band days ;p) & juggling client jobs with modelling/presenting/blogging etc it can get stressful juggling so many things at one time. I remember when my sister was at uni & she called me in tears, it was nearing the end of her course so the work & essays were pretty intense. She said she couldn’t cope anymore, the stress of the workload & juggling work & stress about fees was getting on top of her.

So maybe your at an extremely busy point in your life, maybe starting a new job & have been flung in at the deep end, intense study work, looking after children etc. Your work load is a bit more than you can handle, so what I do is I have a day off, sleep, relax, watch a movie, anything that involves track suit bottoms & a pillow, or if I cant do that I have a great big cry from the depths of my soul (deep i know) a few deep breaths, wash my face, get a pep talk from a friend & dust off & carry on. You’ll be surprised how much better you feel when you give yourself a much needed time out & get back on track.

3. Relationships. Are you having problems with your man? not necessarily big ones maybe, just little niggly ones, where you feel he’s not as attracted or as excited as he use to be. Or do you let his little habits grind on you? like when he leaves a mess & expects you to clear it up, being taken for granted etc. Maybe you had a recent argument with your friend & finally made up but things seem a little different & distant? With relationships its never easy. You cant please people all the time. Things never stay exciting forever & ever amen! You just get on with the daily grind, you’ll have your special moments from time to time again. With friends sometimes you just naturally grow apart or another situation will come along & that will bring you closer together again. People just need space every now & then to realise what they have.

4. No direction. If we have no dreams, goals or a future to look forward to then we loose a sense of meaning. I have a family member who is an adult but still has no clue what they really want to do in live. So that spring in the step, a reason to wake up in the morning with get up & go, passion in the eyes is just absent. You feel no sense of urgency or zest for life. You say your fine but deep down, you don’t really care about anything cause nothing makes you feel passionate. The happiest people are the ones who know what they want. They have something that drives them. They have something to measure & can see the results & benefits. If your stuck & have nothing to work towards, then start by finding someone you admire, find out about their life, most times you’ll be surprised what they went through, the struggles & how they came out. Is there a hobby you could do without being paid? Why not turn it into a real skill & do what you love for a living. Set small goals, get self help books or audio books, listen to them, make notes & get yourself back in the game,there’s something for everyone. Don’t expect the answer to drop out the sky…seek & you will find.

5. Contraceptive pill. Have you recently started taking this, or maybe you’ve been on it for a while? Side effects of taking contraceptive pills are not unusual & vary between women. These can be both physical and emotional. If it’s necessary for you to continue hormonal birth control, you might keep a log of daily side effects, to see if they’re worse at different phases of your cycle. From my personal experience I had a really bad reaction to taking the pill. You must seek the right method for yourself & for your health. Speak with your doctor if you are having really bad side effects & suspect your contraception is to blame.

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  1. Shaysta

    I’m irrationally emotional past few days. I can’t sleep all night just tossing and turning, thinking about work n personal life. I feel like crying everytime anyone asks how I’m doing. I cried when my boyfriend couldn’t call for lunch because someone showed up for a meeting. I cried when he took more than two minutes to reply to a text. He says I love you constantly but I want him to say more. I get like this when I’m on my period but I had it two weeks ago so shouldn’t be feeling like this. I don’t know why it’s happening. I am afraid I’m being too much to people around me, expecting and then feeling sad and lonely. I work and am not an insecure person. Why do you think this is happening. It would be easier to deal with if I knew it was related to that time of the month. But it’s scarier if its not to do with hormones. Is it more serious am I depressed??

    1. peeks

      hi shaysta,
      sorry to hear about your recent dilemmas. if its just the past few days, these things do happen to most of us very randomly, especially in late teens early 20’s (some of us adults still get it ;] and it comes out of know where. Thats when you know its just your emotions getting the better of you. When you have depression it is usually triggered by something or someone. If you cant attach it then you really have to not let your emotions get the better of you or the will just run haywire. Take charge of your mind and decide to be happy and grateful for your health, family and things around you, dont dwell on an emotion that has no root cause and take it out on others, especially if they are trying to be supportive or have don nothing to upset you as yes this will push people away THEN you will have real reason to be down.

      Take time to relax, reflect on what is going good in life, what could be better and take positive action to put it right. Its important to quieten our minds and be in control, write things down, get back to what is real and you will soon get back to your confident self. Emotions are something we must control or they can falsely lead us astray when nothing is really wrong, if we start acting out these negative emotions especially on those around us, then yes there really will be things to be upset around, so take charge girl!

      I find prayer, uplifting music, reading encouraging scripture will always help gear you back on track, its important we motivate ourselves. Glad you shared as it means your looking for an answer, so i hope these tips help.

      may the most high bless and guide you, keep him first xx

  2. melissa

    i dont know why but iv been very emotional lately, like the other day my closest guy friend that iv known for a year left to New York for family problems but i never got to really say goodbye because it was during the summer and when i talked to him on Facebook i started to cry because i knew i would probably never see him again, and he was such a good friend, he was like a brother to me. And then recently today i was crying because i just started school and i switched out of a class because i really didnt want a certain teacher because my friends told me she cant teach at all, so then i switched out and i had to change my algebra 2 teacher for some reason as well and when i went into the new classes this week, i find out that they are flip classes, and a flip class is where you watch videos of the “lesson” or “lecture” at home and take notes, but then when you get to class you talk about it and review it and take quizzes on it and i didnt know the class was like that so i was trying my best to do all my homework this Saturday but then i realized iv only finished like half of the things i needed to finish and its already night time and my mom hasn’t come back with the notebooks i need to take my notes in for the class and i got so over whelmed by it and realized for the next week im going to be so busy after school because i haven’t finished my online class from summer and i just sorta got really mad at life and got emotional. AND THE WEIRD THING IS I ALREADY FINISHED MY PERIOD LIKE 4 DAYS AGO. (im sorry this post is really long)

    1. peeks

      hey melissa, gosh sounds like your going through a rough patch atm. Don’t stress yourself though as there are things that can be done. First, sorry u didn’t get to say bye to your friend, i know its tough when people we care about are not there to cheer us up or support us, especially if they r close & we feel we need them in tough times like now, but what is great is that by being online its almost like the person is still there, even better if u have Skype u can even chat in real time with visuals. I live far away from my family but keeping those lines of communication open makes them feel close by, also you have lots to talk about & catch up on. Just look at it as a new chapter in ur friendship. U dont have to see each other or speak to each other all the time to b a true friend, ive learnt this over time. Take ur friendship as what works for u, not how the world says it should be and enjoy it for what is is.

      Your schooling, you cant always rely on what people or friends say as gospel, always do your own evaluation and research before making decisions that will effect how you live and work. I guess u learned that a lil too late and now ur in at the deepend, but ur gonna have to learn fast. This is going to be a new intense phase of ur life-welcome ;] ive been there gurl, i know its tough, dont let ur emotions get the better, its nothing to do with periods, its just unfamiliar & overwhelming territory but the most high never gives us more than we can deal with, ur just getting out of ur comfort zone. u may have to get up earlier and really organise each day even if it means leisure hours & weekends till u get urself to where u can handle it, try not to stress as it makes thinking & concentration difficult & u must keep a clear stress free head. Give urself short breaks inbetween work, listen to music that keeps u chilled & positive to get u prepped and dive in, keep urself encouraged & give urself some credit u can do this, speak positive to urself, dont giv in to self doubt. Can u share the work load with a study friend? or make new friends in ur class? if its too much do u have a choice at this stage to switch back? look at all options, & get on with it, its not forever & u’ll be surprised how well u can deal with things & b better for it in the long run, trust me, been there many times!!!

      Give urself a lil treat once u get back on track as a reward for sticking in & doing ur best, just take charge and get stuck in, the more u dive in the less intimidating it will be. Keep the most high first & pray for guidance. All the best on ur new journey it can be exciting or horrible depending on the attitude u take towards it, but either way u will have to do it for now, so choose wisely hun. keep me updated xx

  3. Sammy

    Hello, I don’t know what it is but I have been having random anger moments. Like I’ll be all happy and cheerful (I love making people happy), and then when my bf leaves or just some random time of the day or when I have to be at my house with my dad all by myself, I’ll start getting annoyed and get angry at random moments…….. I know I’m still a teenager, (I’m only 16, turning 17 this year.) I know that it might just be my hormonal shifts, or it might be my mild/moderate depression. But I don’t think so…… I not quite sure what it is though. Any help would be appreciated. I don’t like keeping my mask up around my boyfriend, who doesn’t like when I do that (Since he’s has been in the same situations as me in the past.) So please enlighten me on this problem.
    P.S. Also my anger is an issue, when I get angry I start to get hot (as in temperature wise) and so I’ll start over heating, which isn’t good.

    1. peeks

      hey sammy, sorry to hear about ur troubles. it does sound like hormones as you dont seem to know why you feel this way and it doesnt seem like something bad happened to you which is being suppressed and is surfacing in random ways. I was quite emotional when i was ur age too, sometimes even cry or just be in a mood, but dont worry it does pass, its almost like this is the time to start understanding who you are as a person, and what u want out of life. As a young woman its time to start being responsible and perhaps this is where u get annoyed at dad, as maybe he starts 2 ask questions about ur future & u dont know yet, getting hot and angry is because u feel like pressure or u dont understand yet so it frustrates u that its out of ur control, even just because u feel how u do.

      Try not to let your emotions get the better of you, remain in control, if u can confide in someone just to talk till you feel better, uplifting music & films, read (the scriptures are great especially psalms & proverbs kjv) keep a journal in a safe place & unload, turn off ur tv, sometimes this can also cause stress, looking at others unrealistic lives can cause worry, u ask why cant i have that? Take charge, if there is no real reason, then thats great, its just the shift into adulthood, deep breaths & take some time out to access where u are in life and where u want to go, when u have an action plan this puts things into perspective trust me, ive been were u r now.

      keep the most high first and pray for his guidance, bless & smile xx

  4. Hannah

    Right now I am feeling very overly emotional. Yesterday was really snappy at people and getting angry at little things but today I’m a mess crying cause I can’t find something or for no reason at all! My peroid finished two days ago but I have very iiregular periods my last before that being 6 months ago. I really hate this feeling and I don’t know what is happening please help? I’m 19 years old if that helps.

    1. peeks

      hey hannah, so sorry to hear about ur troubles hun. you are young and periods can be unsettling still, are u saying there is no reason for u to be upset? if so it may just be u feel like you dont have a good friends you can express ur feelings to as sometimes we just need to unload our fears and insecurities or worries with someone for re-assurance. or maybe u feel lonely and want a boyfriend if u dont have one, we as women want to be loved, & give love and be nurtured and encouraged, especially at this time, u r going into adulthood and experiencing new and confusing emotions, i remember i went through this phase at ur age, i just felt sad, i couldnt really explain why, but also a huge part of it i came to realise was i needed stability and that only came from my relationship and understanding of the most high god and reading the bible, everything i needed to know was in there, who i am, how things work in the world, other people etc, what a huge blessing and guide its been, i encourage u to try the same. if u feel worried about ur period, it could be due to stress, the mind is very powerful and cant be underestimated on how it effects our health also. but if u do feel worried u may have to seek professional advice. but try to de-stress, if u cant talk to someone u can write everything down to get it out ur system and tear it up after so know-one has to find it, it can be a great help.

      hope these tips help, all the best and may u seek the most high & put him first xx bless

  5. Natalie

    I am 42yrs in June and the last 2 months have been so hard,,,I cant even explain,, I am emotional, I love my family BUT want to leave them, I work about 55 hours a week. My husband is wonderful, he goes to work and comes home and cooks dinner( as im still at work ) BUT we dont have sex and I wish I knew why but wont ask. I asked if he loved me once and he told me of course I do dont be silly. I beleive he does love me but why does he not touch me???? Maybe Im to fat for him!!!

    1. peeks

      hi natalie, so sorry to hear ur in such distress. its certainly understandable given the circumstances & how exhausted u must be. sex is one of the biggest factors in a relationship, its what makes it different to any other & we cant afford to take it for granted, even if our partner does say he loves us, if theres no intimacy its dying a slow & painful death, with both loosing confidence in their own ability as well as the relationships survival. If you feel overweight and you have changed since meeting your partner, the one thing many men say is they want us to keep how we looked when they first met us, or at least as best we can as the years go by. If you feel not confident with your body it will show, u must get urself back in shape, our bodies give us confidence and is part of attraction, even if he is ur husband he wants to be sexually attracted to u & to c u happy and confident in ur own skin, this is what drives them mad (in a good way ;p) ur husband sounds like a great man, not many would do what he does, dont think the grass is greener, u just need a little maintenance work to get urselves back on track, he loves u & is supportive now lets get the sexy back. dont worry about him doing his part, u go for it on ur side & he will follow suit.

      1. look at your work, can you get a lil holiday time off to re-energise & pour back into urself & ur man, you can’t possible feel or want sex after being so exhausted, you need quality if its been so long, start with a bang.
      2. get excersise into your routine, it will make u feel energised, active & feel great in your own skin & commit to it! this is for u to feel great & for ur man, get inspired & reward urself with a new wardrobe, clothes also make us feel great, what did u use to wear that he loved? accentuate those areas & remind him, you are a desirable woman.
      3. have u thought of a new hairstyle? change up your makeup, bring attention to ur eyes & lips, smell great, perk up his senses, we do these things for everyone else, work etc then we get home and get into our comfies & take makeup off! that’s no good, we must let them know they are also worth the effort
      4. look up some sexy new bedroom ideas but u must be confident, let him know how much u enjoy & miss him, tell him ur sorry he has been neglected & u want more time to show him how much & mean it, go to town with new underwear & set the mood, I know its scary when its been so long, but a good way is to excite urself first, remember what was good before, take ur time to get dressed up, enjoy the mood whatever it takes to get relaxed & aroused ;p go outside, take him by surprise, u will feel alive again, have fun dont make it so serious, laugh again, be daring, even if he says no, he will be thinking about it trust me ;p
      5. put away all the negative things & thoughts surrounding u, ur married, he loves & supports u and is still there, u still have a chance. start to plan for the future, give him surprises, buy him something he always wanted, when is the last time you did that away from a special occasion? , enjoy challenging urself & what u can do to excite him, dont freeze in fear or ask him if he still loves u, thats pressure for him & he may be feeling just as insecure as u are, so someone has to take charge, put him back under ur spell, he’ll love u even more for it. dont give up or loose faith, The Most High seems to have blessed u with a good, loyal man, u both just need to put in work, i wish we were taught this more about relationships from the get go, its a lot and its scary but if we can get past this & be all we can be, we would wonder why we waste so much time being scared or wishing the other person would just read our mind and put it right, instead of actually enjoying the sacred love & friendship we are suppose to be having.

      I hope this helps, and im by no means saying its your fault, both have a part to play but from experience & speaking to men this is what they have shared and from us taking care of our part he’s sure to follow suit and return what he’s being so generously given. its time for sexy fun times again ;]

      may the most high bless u & guide u through this difficult turning point onto a straight fun loving path xx

  6. BlueSkies


    Just wanted to thank you for this page. It was helpful, informative and most of all, it was reassuring. I believe that as women, there are times we just desperately want to keep it all together but our bodies (whether it be due to our hearts or our hormones) disobey. You gave some excellent advice in learning how to pinpoint the triggers and manage them. I know I can get emotional to the point that it actually overwhelms me, but I’ve been learning to recognise that and to step back, observe my emotion and either find a way to quell it or to ride it out with a watchful eye. But I find it’s vitally important that we don’t get defined by our emotions, which can often be the worst thing about them.

    Thanks again for your great article. Stay blessed.

  7. Tiffany D

    I’m 20 years old and newly wed to a active service member we are apart at the moment since he is finishing up AIT. But I’ve been so emotional lately . My periods are on time I’m a stay at home wife filing his paper work making calls to military offices aka his personal assistant . But I tear up so easily lately. Like the smallest this. It doesn’t even have to be sad. It could be sweet loving and sad. I just don’t know what is going on. Help?

    1. peeks

      hey tiffany, first congrats on ur marriage, second sorry 2 hear about ur problems. if u cant pinpoint an exact reason u may just be feeling overwhelmed that u want ur husband home with u, ur newly wed, no time to bond and u deal with a secretary who maybe has more access 2 him than u! u may feel a little resentful or feel abandoned but guilty u feel that way which is making u cry unexpectedly, its hard when we have no control over emotions or they take us by surprise if we think everything is under control or we “should” be happy. there is no shame in missing ur husband. take some time to maybe plan things u want to do when he gets home, i dont know if u have access to him whilst he’s away but its important to keep the bond close as possible so u always feel a part of whats going on & vice versa. He certainly loves u as he married u, take comfort in that and focus on what u have to look forward to & what u can enjoy when ur with him, make sure he knows what he’s missing & wot he has to look forward to whenever u can ;p always look ur best when u see him, wear the things he likes.

      also strengthen urself physically & emotionally , keep active and do things u enjoy, we also have to look after ourselves and try not to dwell. ur husband will want to hear ur stories and know u can take care of things whilst away without feelin pressure & guilt he’s not there for u as this will also make it harder for him when he comes home, but make sure he always know u still need him & cant wait to c him.

      also biggest help, ur relationship & understanding of the most high god, i read often, there are great scriptures in proverbs and also pslams that will encourage & strengthen u. hope all this helps, keep s posted bless xx

  8. Kelly

    I think I’m going nuts!!! My emotions have been getting the better of me for about 2 months now. I’m not pregnant (absolutely no way). Yes, I’ve been stressed and its been causing problems in my marriage which in turn makes me more stressed. It’s like one vicious circle. Now to top it off, I’ve noticed a discharge from my nipples, ( like I’m lactating). Is there any way to end the vicious cycle of stress causing me to flip out, causing problems that in then cause me to flip out?

    1. peeks

      hey kelly, we chatted via email, just wanted to know if u managed to find out what was wrong and how ur getting on now, hope ur bless hun x

  9. sam

    For the last week I’ve been so emotional. I’m late with my period and I have moodswings that even surprises me. What could this be? I’m 30 years old

    1. peeks

      hey sam, sorry to hear your feeling so bad. is there something that u are stressed about? this can cause ur body to re-act in all kinds of strange ways from period stopping, breakouts and moodswings because you are worried about your period being late. Also is there any chance u could b pregnant?? body weight can also delay periods are you over or under weight?

      please look at your general health and lifestyle to see what areas are causing you to lash out. Its important to be healthy in mind and spirit, if ur at peace it should come along, any major worries u can look further into having a health check. may the most high bless u x

  10. Tori HUdson

    I get reallu emotional & havent started my period yet? I get white/yellowy dischagte and yh. Ivee cut where ive got so upset but yeah? I dunno:( im a mess:(O

    1. peeks

      hey tori, so sorry to hear your so upset. what age are u? also one thing to note is that stress plays a huge factor in your body reacting in strange ways. It can even effect your period from coming, so you really have to get yourself mentally back on track and not stress & worry yourself as its effecting your health, well being and cutting yourself from a personal experience with a friend is a way of releasing the pain inside, but it is not the answer to your situation hun.

      Stress effects so many things in your life, body quality of life, you have to be strong. Is there something other than your period thats worrying you? u can email me at:

      but please be assured that cutting is not the way to go for this issue or any issue. May god guide u and bless u x

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