How Long Would You Make Your New Man Wait For Sex??

How Long Would You Make Your New Man Wait For Sex??

Your first time with a new man can be a bit nerve-wracking , especially for the young and inexperienced.

Some girls just go in for the kill on the very first night but a lot of girls choose to make a guy wait … and wait… and wait…….hmmm… and wait.
Now I’m not talking from experience here, but I have a friend who has done this and said it  worked well for her. She made her new man wait  6 months  (wow six months, most men I know would be gone in a few weeks)  and said that it proved to her that he’s serious. Where are the days when guys would buy you roses and dress smart and be on his best behaviour to whoo us ladies?  They are gone because they no longer have to work for it any more. But how long should you make a guy wait for and how long is to long or too short? Back in the day it was all about waiting till the man puts a ring on it (all ma single ladies…lol) now it seems just wham bam thank you man and then he’s gone.

To be honest I would love to make  guy wait months for it because as my friend says it proves his serious but then if you really like each other comes the problem of feeling you may lose him or even sexual attraction that may make you move to the bed to early.

Well here’s a scenario You’ve met a great buff new boyfriend. The chemistry between you is good, you’ve kissed and cuddled, you have loads in common but then comes the big jump into having proper relationship with sexual intercourse. But when is the right time? How soon is too soon? There is the thing that we hear all the time and that is to wait till your married, but who does that nowadays? These are the things that fill us with  questions and anguish. It’s always tricky knowing how to go forward in a new relationship, but if you haven’t had many partners, or it’s your first time, the whole process can be a bit nerve wrecking if your trying to please your partner.

In general, the better the relationship you have with someone, the more you are going to want to have sex with them but the longer you wait then the better the sex is going to be. Lusting after your new boyfriend will slowly build this wanting for him till you will feel that your fit to burst but he too will feel this towards you and he will also respect the fact your not easy. If you’re affectionate, can talk to each other, are able to confide hopes and dreams, then you will love to be with each other and that lust that you feel  will keep the passion  electric for things to go better in bed when you do eventually do it. This isn’t just a romantic ideal – it’s a practicality. The more you know each other, the more pleasure you’ll be able to give. But a hurdle you will face will be when your man wants to have sex when you are not ready. Resist until when you think its time and the last thing is not to put yourself into that intimate situation like night time in the bedroom.

When you do finally decide you are ready, be certain & safe. How long did you make your boyfriend wait? And what effects did it have making him wait for that time. If you haven’t slept with your partner yet would you make him wait 6 months or more for the nookie?

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