9 Occasions Where Sex Just Aint Good!!

9 Occasions Where Sex Just Aint Good!!

Making love with your man has to be one of the most exciting things to do in your spare time. When your in the mood its one of those things that you look forward to at the weekend . you think to yourself i’m gonna wear that new lingerie i bought and send him wild. But there are times when sex can be a complete turn off for a lot of young women. The key thing is, how you are made to feel by your boyfriend when he feels like sex and you don’t, men can be a bit ignorant sometimes when it comes to understanding us women, so i’m hoping posts like these can shed some light on some of us girlie’s when sometimes your just not in the mood, and many factors can make it not be the right moment for sex. So here’s a few below that i rate as no no when it comes to sex.

When your not in the Mood
1. You girls know what I’m talking about – this is the ones that i just don’t like. When you really do not want to do it, but you do it any way, simply because you think the guy is going to be upset if you don’t do it.

When your Injured or unwell
2. You would think that having something as little as a sprained ankle or a tummy upset would not put a damper in bed, but it can and it does. Just ask someone who has a been unwell, see what they tell you. Sure, it’s possible, and you can if you want but it might not be the best.

When your Sad
3. Sad sex is definitely going to be on my list. It’s merely impossible to be in a good mood when sad. I think it would be hard to do it to someone when they are sad and looks like they are going to cry right in the middle of it. Somewhere, I actually read that a woman’s tears have a chemical in it that turns a man off…now I think I am gonna cry ;[

When your not Really into the guy
4. The just for fun type of sex, in my book, is bad. Sure, if you are in love and have sex “just for fun,” then there’s nothing wrong with it. Do you understand what I am getting at?

When somebody I trying to force it
5. Forced sex should definitely be on the list of worst types of sex to have. I shouldn’t have to go any further than this.

BDSM (Bondage Domination Submission And Masochism)
6. For some, BDSM is suppose to be fun (really). ok i can understand the slight bit of light spanking during love making, but however in my opinion some just go way overboard with the whole thing. And a lot of people do not like this type of sex. I never understood why someone would want to be abusive or to create harm to their partner during this time. I mean, come on, isn’t this a time when you are supposed to be giving your partner love and affection?

When your Drunk
7. Drunken sex in any way, shape or form is going to be the worst type of sex. At least, in my opinion it would be. I think that it is even worse when you wake up the next morning and don’t remember having sex, but the details are all around you.

When you feel unclean.
8. Girls at the best of time like to feel clean when about to get dirty in the sheets but sometimes the boyfriend may creep up on you unsuspectingly and may want a quickie. Now quickies can be fun and exciting with your man but if you haven’t had a wash since morning and you have had a hard sweaty day working and he creeps up on you when your having a quick lie down trust me it wont be good!!

9. Time of the Month
Now I have heard of some couples doing it when female is at that time of the month but pleassssse No!! I have cramp, headaches & the thought of a bloody mess to clean up after just does not turn me on. This is suppose to be the time when you can lounge around & have the get out clause ;p

Do you agree with the list. Do you have any more that you could add? let us know by commenting below.

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