How To Have A Positive Day

How To Have A Positive Day

Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and thank God that your alive an well. We don’t take out enough time just to be positive and reflect on all the good things that we have. We tend to focus on just the bad and this can have a negative effect on our lives. So it doesn’t hurt to every now and then to go out your way to really be positive (no matter what happens around you ) So here’s a few tips on how to have a positive day.

Be thankful

Ladies when you wake up in the morning, be sure to be appreciative for all you have around you. From the warm bed you sleep in, the roof over your head to the fact it’s a brand new day that can truly be tailored to your wants and needs with achieving happiness in what ever it may be. Just say it out to yourself!


Now this may sound really simple but it works, I do it all the time! Taking a line from the Asda ad’s ‘every little helps’ lol but seriously a smile goes a long way especially to the person giving it. Small gestures such as this can literally brighten up your day as well as someone else’s. It sets a positive mental attitude for yourself and others around you, believe me you’ll be surprised with the results.

Be inspired

Whether it’s a career goal or just wanting to do something to make you feel better about yourself, read and watch motivational people, loving and doing their craft successfully with them talking on a personal level on their ups and downs and learn from them. I always try to watch an inspirational video on Youtube and listen to an audio book for a bit, even on the way to work.They spark a positive vibe leaving me ready for the day ahead.

In this world we can get caught up with thinking all about ourselves, isn’t it more of a rewarding feeling when giving to others? Why not send a couple messages encouraging your friends and family to stay positive and to go for their dream, it’s a nice way of keeping in touch as well has strengthen their desire to succeed in life. You’ll be surprised at the good it does for the receiver. Careful not to over do it with the messages though ;p

Plan ahead

You may be thinking err what’s planning got to do with happiness? but believe it or not it plays a major part. Sorting your tasks a day ahead eases the stress of doing so in the morning. Making things more straightforward and simple consequently keeping you happy as you know what needs to be done as its been arranged and can be a weight of your mind. I know it helps me, I write a list a night before starting with the most important tasks that need to completed. Helps me to be more organised and productive with my time and … much happier.


It’s scientifically proven that laughter provokes happiness and joy inwards & doeth good like medicine! Personally I love to get a daily fix of laughter when possible. It does help ease my day during a break at work or after and it can truly sooth especially before sleep. So how? well everyone has their own idea of humour, so it can be a number of things from comedy clips or little jokes. Find out what is funny to you and indulge in it. It really does help.

Do you have any tip or advice about what makes you happy?

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