7 Things Women Should Get During Oral Sex

7 Things Women Should Get During Oral Sex

As well as men women also love getting oral sex (well at least most that I know). And that’s what we are going to be talking about today. It is one of the most pleasurable sexual experiences for ladies . Some women will literally fall in love with a man because of his oral and sex skills, because just like men, the bedroom antics is an important part of the relationship.

For the women that get great oral sex, its all good baby. For the women who aren’t getting it, I sympathize with you. Maybe you just don’t know exactly what you want or maybe your partner isn’t experienced enough. Maybe you could show him a thing or two about what you like. How would you know what to tell your guy or where to start? I’m going to share a list of things that you should be getting during oral sex- things that will most definitely help you achieve orgasm or at least feel GOOD. You may not have even realized that you actually wanted these things, but when you get them, you’ll be saying “thank you” lol.  Remember this, a good man who is a great lover already knows these things, and if he doesn’t then at least you can try these things with him to see if you like.

Oral sex is a wonderful thing. If oral sex is your thing, then you should be getting it, and getting it good. Here are 6 things women should get during oral sex:

1. Generous Foreplay

“The man who uses foreplay, is the man who can get it all day.” If your man is great at oral sex then he knows the importance of foreplay for a women. Some guys just rush straight to the sex and sometimes its cool, but foreplay is key for a women to getting warmed up. Most often the best oral sex foreplay is non-sexual and achieved through connection like kissing and looking into intensely into a woman’s eyes. Women are like heaters and it takes a little time to warm us up. If your man is great at oral sex, then he knows that if he wants to have the best from you then he’s going to have to pre-heat you first.

2. Compliments And Enthusiasm

Just like men women are also ego-driven in the bedroom. Lots of us women, even the most confident can be  shy or insecure about at least one thing on our bodies. That’s why it’s such an incredible turn-on to have a partner that will kiss and caress our lady parts while saying things like “damn you’re so sexy!” So every woman should have a partner that is enthusiastic about what he sees, as well as a partner that enjoys telling you how beautiful you are while he’s making love.

3. Attention To Other Parts Of Your Body

Great oral sex involves loads of touching and playing with other parts besides the obvious areas. So have your man caress other parts of your body to. Two great places to have your man pay attention to are the inner part of your thighs and your boobs. Did you know that some women are even able to climax by just having their nipples stimulated, wahay!! So the next time your man is getting down, have him lick and gently nibble your inner thighs. It kinda tickles but feels amazing. Also let him play with your nipples but not to harsh. Or better yet, you can even play with your own nipples while he’s doing his thing. Men are very visual and it will definitely be something sexy for him to look at from down below.

4. Hands And More Hands

During oral sex, you will want hands as well as “head.” So if you haven’t tried it already, have your man use his wet finger(s) and penetrate you with them while he’s performing oral sex. In addition to the erogenous zones surrounding your clitoris, a woman has another extremely sensitive area at the inner roof of her vagina- the G-spot. You’re going want something to stimulate this area because his “other head” is too far away. So to achieve this feat, have your man take two fingers and slide them inside while giving you head. Have him go slowly at first, then a little faster. Rhythm is key. Trust me, the experience will be divine!

5. Your Twists And Turns

When getting close to the point of orgasm, sometimes things become so intense that you may involuntarily buck twist or run away. That’s fine- it’s a good sign. Because great oral sex is about having a partner that knows how to drive you to the point of climax. But that’s not the end. It’s also about having a partner that knows how to hold on and hang in there for the duration. So if you’re a woman that digs in and twists and turns then you want your man to know how to go and move with you, and not give up.

6. A Moment to Savour

Now you just might end up climaxing if your man knows what to do and when to do, you will need that little short moment to relax and savour the moment. Let your man know so he doesn’t immediately get up and ask for his after you’ve climaxed. You want oral sex where you’ll experience the full rise, climax, and cool down. That’s a bit like men who when they climax need to lay down and rest. The best lovers know that women are not like men. So the best lovers will know what to do after you’ve climaxed by doing things like talking to you, caressing you, and cuddling. This is also what you want. And this is what every woman should be getting during oral sex.

7. Positions

Oral sex isn’t just about laying on your back and enjoy what your man has to give. There are many positions in which to do oral sex. From standing up, to being on all fours, to the famous 69 or if your feeling naughty, the squatting position. Each one will feel different, so you will have fun finding your favourites, be sure to let your man know what you like, guide him so that the next time gets better and better.

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