Are You Needlessly Wasting Your Money?

Are You Needlessly Wasting Your Money?

As much as I love a bargain on the best of days, sometimes I just buy things because they are such a good deal & then store it away & end up having to get rid of stuff because I need more room!!! crazy I know. But lets look at all the ways we waste money & don’t realise until we start to think…hold on a minute where did all my money go???

Impulse Buys. Got me, this is something I fall victim to a lot. I’m out to get food shopping & I’ll see 50% off or the big red sale signs & I think…oh I’ll just go look & before I know it I have shopping bags full of bargains I didn’t come out for! So before you go diving off on an adrenaline shopping splurge because you think you’ll never see another bargain like it ever…breathe & think long and hard about your purchases. Are you buying things that make you waste your money, don’t really need & things you’ll never actually use?

Spending into your overdraft. The first time i had this happen to me was when i got hit with the bill! I was like what the heck. I didn’t realise my balance had gone over. IF you feel you have been spending a lot & been using your debit card, then be sure to check your internet banking or stop off at the cash point to make sure you have the funds in your account so you don’t have to have needlessly hand over money to pay unavoidable overdraft bills.

Mobile Phone Tarrif. Yes we all like a chin wag on the ole mobile, but some people are crazy when it comes to endless chatting! I know some people cant live without their phone & get twitchy if they have to put it down for more than a few minutes. However, you need to make sure that the mobile phone plan you have works for you. Don’t pay for text messages or web access etc if you don’t use it. And make sure you have a mobile plan with sufficient free calls or you will end up paying crazy prices for going over as its not cute being cut off!

Buying designer. My mum has a saying, “don’t live a champaign life on a beer man’s wage!!!” funny yes, true..heck yes. So many people wanna save face buy buying things with designer labels they cant afford even when they are getting cut off or cant buy food or a travel card. There are plenty of great alternative high street things you can buy, that goes for super market own brand foods also. Don’t prioritize material stuff over getting your house in order first. It looks even more silly when your rocking your Prada wear but the train or bus inspector is asking why you didn’t pay your fair!

Eating out all the time. This can be extremely costly because you haven’t learned or cant be bothered to cook your own meals. If you add up your weekly budget on anything from breakfast/cafe, coffee & beverage runs, fast food etc. It all mounts up. The price of a coffee can be as much as £4/5! now imagine that everyday. I have a friend who eats out weekly even for breakfast & wonders why she cant wait to be paid by the end of the month. By the time you add up eating out for 1 day you can buy the ingredients for a meal that will last a few days not to mention being healthier! Buying beverages one at a time is just a huge money waster. And, if you’re a coffee fiend, try making your own coffee /drinks at home, buy a flask! Do the math & see just how much money you waste on eating out.

Buying brand new. If you have a flat, want to re decorate or even love clothes its definitely a wise idea to see what’s out there in the second hand shops. You’ll be surprised how good condition people keep things in. I even find some second hand stuff has been made with better quality materials, its deffo true they don’t make em like they use to. If you have a budget then try these places first, there’s no shame in going retro baby! Its where all the designers get their inspiration from anyway.

Travel Card. If you use public transport we are all well aware it can be very pricey. So if you travel a lot or every now & again its well worth if you live in London, keeping a travel/oyster card topped up in your bag. It costs almost double the fair if you don’t. All other UK residents its a deffinate must to have a travel card instead of paying on the day, prices have rocketed, even if your just going down the road.

Any money sharing tips you have please share ;p

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