Exclusive MAC Make Up: Fashion Flower Summer Collection 2011

Exclusive MAC Make Up: Fashion Flower Summer Collection 2011

As if their make up could get any more gorgeous, Mac have gone & done it again. Create a “blooming” look using the new MAC makeup collection for summer 2011. Inspired from the beauty of flowers, MAC makeup directors have managed to transpose the beauty and colour of flowers into the latest makeup collection, genius! I love the colours & packaging. The Ad campaign pics are real pretty & delicate. These fresh make up trends will help you achieve a natural beauty look  with the help of soft and fashionable colours, perfect for the summer season ladies. Im curious as to how that green lipstick looks, kinda interesting for a photo shoot me thinky  ;p

Don’t forget if your professionally part of the entertainment, make up & modelling industry, you can pop into your nearest MAC makeup shop & ask for an application form to get a discount of up to 20% on all products! ;p

  • Summer Shower – light aqua-green
  • Mlle – soft cream pink
  • Ever Hip – bright cream coral
  • Growing Trend – mid-tone cream taupe

MAC Lipgelee. Luscious lips are a magnet when it comes to attraction, so envelop your lips in sensuality using the following fab MAC lipgelee’s. The following juicy lip gloss tubes are easy to use and suit all ages, so use them simply or as a glossy finish over your lipstick. Select one of the following hues and make your lips scream for kisses:

Now in Season – soft gold-pearl, Fashion Flower – soft pink-pearl, Budding Beauty – soft pearled coral.

MAC Eye Shadow. Cool and warm hues such as the colors featured in this collection help balance your look and give it that earthy feel that is highly popular this summer. The pigmented eye shadows can be easily applied on your eyelid, making them perfect for individual or multiple hue use. Select one of the following fab hues featured in the collection:

  • Lucky Green – a medium tone lime green
  • Fresh Daisy – a fab beige
  • Bows & Curtsey – deep metallic green
  • Aqua – mate aqua blue hue
  • Free to Be – matte coral
  • Groundcover – taupe

MAC Beauty Powder. Bring out your cheekbones and define your facial features using the new limited edition beauty powders that will give you that natural, blooming glow that dazzles. The pigments will subtly and naturally define your look, so select one of the two Beauty Powder hues available:

  • Light Sunshine – soft pink with gold and pink sparkle
  • Alpha Girl – soft peach with gold sparkles
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