Exclusive Limited Edition Pink Smart Car

Exclusive Limited Edition Pink Smart Car

To be honest I don’t know to much about cars but when I saw this car. I had to blog about it!!!
It would be a perfect hot ride to go out with your friends in style I love it!!!!

What I love about these smart cars they are quite spacey, fast to get around, easy parking and if your in London this type of model from Smart car you don’t have to pay congestion fee when travelling into central London.

Here are a few facts about the car that I soured that you may want to know if your thinking of buying this type of car.

- Body panels finished in exclusive pink metallic paint,

- The smart for two pink passion edition makes the world sit up and take notice. And with a limited production run of 100 units it isn’t just seriously pink – it’s seriously exclusive too.

- For every new pink passion edition they Smart cars will donate £100 to the Breast Cancer Campaign.

- There are two models of the car a coupé which is complete with stunning panoramic sunroof with sunblind, or the cabrio for exhilarating open-air driving. Both feature a metallic silver tridion safety cell and chrome accents on the grille and wing mirrors.

- Inside heated leather seats and leather style dashboard and complete with bright pink rev counter and cockpit clock, of course.

- There’s air conditioning

- Electric windows

- Lockable glove compartment

- Extensive safety equipment such as ESP®. Additionally, soft touch automatic transmission with kickdown function ensures maximum agility and enjoyment. (what ever this is it sounds good lol)

The average retail price of a bran new pink passion smart car

- micro hybrid drive coupé £10,495.00

- micro hybrid drive cabriolet £12,445.00

For info check out the official site Smart Cars

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  1. Kevyn Hagemann

    Hm, pink is really a nice color for any car. It stands out among the usual colors, so you’d have no trouble at all when you’re trying to find it in the parking lot. Add that with the smart car’s size and you get a unique look that you can love on the road.

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