How To Prevent Your Man From Breaking Up With You

How To Prevent Your Man From Breaking Up With You

We all will go through this scenario at some stage in our lives. We date a man, we get on and become inseparable, finally we let our guard down and fall in love…aah bliss! Then crash, it all goes wrong, (arrrgh!!) he wants to break up but you don’t, nooooo! But why do you want to cling to a relationship where one person is no longer in love? What ever the reason he no longer is getting the fulfillment he needs in a you and is not happy. Do you really want to force him into something he is not committed to?

The problem here is the pain we feel at breakup and the younger you are, the more painful breakups feel. At a young age you just discovered how fantastic love is and you give your all into this new exciting thing called love only to get dumped. :( The more relationships you get into, the more you start to understand exactly what you are looking for and you start to shy away from the sweet boy heart breakers. But at the same time you also get better knowing how to stop a breakup.

Now to keep a brother from leaving you, are you dedicated to making the changes to keep him around? Are you willing to make the changes to make him happy? How dedicated are you about learning how to stop him from trying to break up again after a few weeks. Im not saying that your love isn’t the real deal and you two aren’t meant for each other, but for real, If your answers isn’t truly honourable then you might have to just admit defeat and let him go.

But lets say you have that determined heart and you want to make the changes to make this work to keep your man because your love is so pure what are the procedures to get him to stay?

Well first sit him down and Let him know that you’re willing to do anything to save a relationship he will see that you truly love him and if there is still a glimmer of love in his heart he will listen. Acknowledge that there are “issues” and you have noticed he’s not happy and your willing to make him happy. But remember men don’t like showing weakness and some have a very hard time when it comes to talking about their feelings so try not to talk about how he feels but concentrate on how you feel. When having this conversation , be prepared to do most of the talking as most guys will stay quiet and if he does respond negativity listen to him and talk but don’t argue.

If you think you need to do more to save the relationship then you may have to dig deep… i mean real deep. Men love having the egos massaged so tell him the things about him you admire and how he is the best thing you’ve ever known. If this feels too much like something you cant say or is not you then don’t say it. But Remember, he might already have heard you say, “I love you” so many times already so you may need to say something different to really make that impact to stop the breakup.

Have you prevented your man from leaving you?
what techniques or tips can you share?

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