Getting Intimate Without Sex (Touch and Play)

Getting Intimate Without Sex (Touch and Play)

By MR X-Guest Blogger

Wussup its X here, I’m a good friend and colleague of the MO-AM Network girls. I’m not a writer but I have been asked by the girls to occasionally write a few bits about my experiences and tips from a male point of view that can help you get by through life’s ups and downs. Lol Im one of the many guys that get drilled and questioned by Lolo and Peeks about what men think and do. This is my first blog post for the MO-AM Network and hopefully wont be my last (its up to the boss ladies Peeks and Lolo). I’m hoping to sometimes bring a different dimension to the blog, but I got to remember that I’m talking to a predominately female audience so I will keep it gentleman like lol.

Anyway you know when your in a new relationship? You have been dating for a while and your body is starting to tingle for your new love. You feel for him and you tell your girls the man is hot and he has the cutest smile and a wonderful personality, but in your heart the time aint right to go all out and have sex with him yet…. but you want him bad. I know how it goes, girls don’t want to give the impression that you are easy, right? Well many of us focus on the down and dirty of having sex but what they fail to realize is that all that work that builds up to sex can actually be just as good, you don’t have to go in just yet. If you’re thinking ‘what is this guy talking about is he talking about foreplay’? then you’re not too far away. If there’s no sex, then all that’s left is touching kissing caressing and oral sex etc but I’m removing oral sex from the list and instead of foreplay we’ll call it ‘touch and play’. OK let me explain , You might want to think back to your early days of school when there was a lot of this type of thing going on behind the shed. Or the date with that guy with the heavy petting in the back of the cinema. None which lead to sex. While you may think times have moved on from those early days, well the act of sex or oral sex does leave the girl feeling vulnerable if her partner is not committed to her, so I’m here to let you know the act of ‘touch and play’ can actually be a lot more of a bonding mechanism for a new relationship without committing to sex.

Touch and play is commonly thought to be an act for those that want to avoid pregnancy, so this practice becomes a form of contraceptive. It can also be an excellent way to take your new relationship to the next level as well as explore new sexual activities with your hot new partner without feeling the pressure of having oral sex or intercourse . There are a number of ways to make touch and play work for you and your love and to make the experience one you won’t forget. Plus I can almost guarantee the dude will be back for more.

One of the benefits of Touch and play is that there’s no pressure to take the activity to the level of sex or oral sex. So the girl can feel a bit more comfortable that she can intimately engage with her man without going all the way. You can take the level of Touch and play to the height that you and your partner are the most comfortable with, without going to sex. The trick is to never get completely naked, leave at least underwear on so the temptation to have full blown out sex can be kept at bay. So with that explained, here’s a few things that you can try.

Sensual Touching

1. A touch from your boo can send chills up and down your body when you least expect it. It’s his hand on your back as he follows you into a room or maybe it’s him gently rubbing your neck and shoulders after a long day. Touch has a powerful connection with our senses. It’s our anticipation of his touch that can send us into another world. A seductive massage is a form of sex especially when your just in your underwear. As you work parts of your partner’s body (and he works yours), you can release tensions and stresses as well as work to heighten his level of excitement.

The Give and Take of Stimulation

2. Allowing your lover to use his hands matters little, allowing him to use his hands anywhere he desires…well the end result can be wildly overwhelming. The great thing about Touch and Play is that the man can concentrate on an area he may be quick to by pass to get to the sex which could send you into an orgasm. But make sure your a giving partner and return the favor for him by bringing him to climax through stimulation as well.

Sexually Speaking

3. The right words said at the right time can move anyone to their knees. If you can engage with your partner in talking dirty, you can heighten the levels of arousal. Remember the erotic levels at the beginning of a relationship are much higher so any thing you do at this stage can send your love into orbit. Talk the talk but get down and dirty with the actions. Remember this is only Touch and Play. Instruct your lover on what you want him to do, but also what he cant do. Take turns talking to each other whilst touching and playing and feel the excitement build.

One last thing to keep in mind when you’re engaging in touch and play is that if it could turn you on so much that you drop all bearings and are tempted to go into full blown sex. Don’t be tempted if your initial plan is not to have sex, as long as you aren’t allowing your partner to penetrate you, as long as your both feeling satisfied, anything goes. Touch and Play activities can draw out big emotions and create a closer bond with your man way before sex play and intensify orgasms if combined with sex. The activities can take the pressure off couples to perform sexually and just explore one another and each others bodies in a safe way.

Please leave a comment and your views or ideas or to any questions or ideas for future posts you would like me to write about.

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