Give Your Natural Afro Or Curly Hair Some TLC

Give Your Natural Afro Or Curly Hair Some TLC

Most of us ladies put our hair through so much by using blow dryers and heated tongs, brushing, combing, not to mention hairspray and braids, the list is endless. I know you have to do these things to get your perfect hairstyle, but why not give your hair some rest from a normal day of distressing it. It doesn’t matter if its straight, curly, afro etc, we all need a break at some point.

You can do this by treating your hair with some TLC (tender love and care) this means feeding your natural hair with the nutrients that it may desperately be in need of and letting your hair rest and be as nature intended.

If you have unmanageable hair like frizz central (which is never a good look) invest in a deep conditioning mask treatment which contains any of these ingredients: olive oil, almond oil, honey, jojoba, coconut or avocado. Leave this treatment in your hair and it should add lots of moisture food for your hair and help ease the frizz. A great idea is to twist all your hair in medium sections with your fingers and let the hair style set. Try using a defuser at a medium heat, by doing this it will boost any natural curls or weaves you may have.

When giving your hair a break you want to avoid all things damaging, but if you do need to brush your hair so it won’t knot up then do so. As leaving your hair in a mess would be just as damaging in the long term and it would get worse and worse if not dealt with. To be able to work with your natural hair, you just need to make your it manageable.  I would defiantly say invest in a good leave in treatment for your type of hair and occasional use a deep condition treatment.

Just in case you didn’t know ladies embracing your natural curly hair  or afro is so in trend right now so why not give it a go. Plus your hair may grow more healthy and will have less breakage from split ends with all the TLC your giving your it.

I love collecting pictures and they inspire me all the time, here are some beautiful ladies rocking their ‘Natural’ or embracing their weaves enjoy.

Would you give your hair a break from styling it even for a day and embrace your natural hair? Do you have any other tips?

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  1. Elena

    I have naturally curly hair, but I always wanted straight. Now when it’s grown long, I absolutely love it! I don’t have split ends and now my hair is really pretty, before was just fizzy :) So my tip is: give your hair a break, let her grow naturally, try not to use heat, and you’ll see changes! :) xoxo

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