Coral Lipstick Summer Essential

Coral Lipstick Summer Essential

It great to add a splash of colour to your makeup to brighten it up and make you look youthful and glamourous but still you. The colour to look out for is ‘Coral’ tones, which can look slightly pink, red or orange tones mixed together. What’s great about this colour it’s a very easy, wearable tone that can be altered to suit your skin completion.

There are different types of shades and products that you can use to create and explore to make your own custom coral colours. Matte lipsticks last longer on the lips and give you a very strong bold look. Another way to wear it, is to add a light gloss in the middle of the lips to makes the illusion of, very juicy sexy lips.

Here are some of my fave lovely brands that sale all different kinds of coral products at really good prices too.

Coral Lipstick from Sleek Cosmetics that costs £4

Lip Lacquer Crayon, Mandarin from Barry M Cosmetics which cost £4.99

So Chaud from Mac cosmetics that costs around £10.

Have you ever though of using these type of colours on your lips??

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  1. Sasha

    Hi, i love that orange- coral pinkish lipsticks, i usually buy mac or avon corals because they are cute. btw the only reason i click your picture is we have same hairtype but you have my dream color please what is this color? i am ash blonde but want your color all my life !!

      1. alexandra

        hey! ive found her, i got some googling when you were givin’ me a clue about her ex-boyfriend and here is her name; Jasmine Sanders :)

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