3 Pleasurably, Sex Positions For Girls.

3 Pleasurably, Sex Positions For Girls.

Ok ladies we know how sex can be at the honey moon period but after a while that flame of the fire starts to wither. After being with your stud for a while it can start to get a bit boring if you are making love in the same sex position, Guy on top, doggy style, then guy on top again then back to doggy style blah blah. And if your not careful sex will just become your man’s thing where he leads and just gets his. But what about us what about the girl? Many positions that men use aren’t all that great for women so it will get boring if you don’t also go for positions that you like doing. But here’s some good news ladies – men generally like any sex position. So you can try out a few of these tonight that could bring your pleasure organs to life and get yourself out from that same Ole same Ole routine.

Girls On Top

We’ve all done girls on top. But here’s a good reason why you need to make the girl on top position one of your regulars. Did you know most women can climax when they’re on top? That’s because the angle and friction between your man’s things and your g-spot is perfect for just the right amount of stimulation. And here is another way : The reverse , face your man’s feet instead of his head. This is called the “Reverse Cowgirl” position. This gives your guy a great view of your BUTT and you can even stimulate yourself and make this position mind blowing. ( oh yes!!!)

Sitting Facing each other

Have your man sit in the crossed leg meditation style on the bed or couch, or wherever you like. Face him, and lower yourself onto him, wrapping your legs around him. This sex position is really good on a bed because the springs inside help your man to propel you up and down because he’ll be doing most of the work. Why is this position great for girls. The face to face contact and emotional intimacy you can experience in this position is off the heazy!!

Side By Side

The Side By Side position, you are simply lying down and facing your man with your legs intertwined so he can enter you. This requires no special manoeuvres, yet gives you the emotional and physical intimacy you need to have to climax you cam also try this position while you’re facing away from him, like spooning. Hold a pillow to your chest and groin for better control and let him reach around and fondle your breasts. whoop whoop!!

Keep that fire alive ladies . Don’t be afraid to try new things in the bedroom, . Find the positions that you and your man both enjoy and rotate between them when you have sex so your sex life doesn’t become stagnant or boring. Focus more on finding out what you both like and enjoying the sexual sensations you’re sharing with them instead of focusing on getting to the Big O.

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