Cover Drive Hot Remix Of Example & Kanye Ft Rihanna

Cover Drive Hot Remix Of Example & Kanye Ft Rihanna

I am loving this new group called Cover Drive which consist of 3 very good looking guys and a very stunning female lead singer. They kind of remind me of a younger version of black Eye Peas. 😛 Their first official single is a club banger and is getting a lot of radio play too with ‘Lick You Down’. We wish the group the best of luck and hopefully they will do great in the charts. Also if your a fan of theirs already and your in London you may want to know, they are schedule to play at Choice Fm’s Carnival After Party. Loving this video of Cover Drive covering artist Example ‘The Way You Kiss me’ and remixing the tune into Kanye ft Rihanna ‘All Of The Lights’ and it a hot remix.

Let us know what the you think of the band, and which band member do you think is hot? 😛

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