Top 3 High Shine Must Have Highlighters

Top 3 High Shine Must Have Highlighters

One of the best ways to look beautiful and fresh faced everyday is to pick up a highlighter for your summer glow, once you’ve used it and seen the results you will never want to go back. (Trust me when I say I never do my makeup without it) For me a highlighter has to be every girls makeup bag essential, even if you don’t wear make. What a highlighter does is adds a beautiful glow on top of your cheek bones which reflects the light giving you a beautiful face structure and that ultimate summer glow all year round. Highlighters come in different forms from powders, liquids and mouse. Here are my top 3 to get your hands on.

Mac’s prep + prime highlighter is perfect for brightening and highlighting. It blends in beautifully in your skin for a soft glow, which is great for the girls who don’t wear makeup as well. The soft liquid can be applied on top of the cheeks to the eyes and even the tip of your nose to add a bit of shine. This product comes in 3 tones which are great for all skin types. This product will last for a while as you dont need to add too much when wearing, it costs around £19 ($23).

One of my favourites is this highlighter from Benefit cosmetics ‘High Beam’. This product looks like a nail varnish, but its a lovely velvet liquid inside that adds shine to your cheeks and enhances your complexion. It costs around £20 ($24).

Another great form of highlighting is a contour kit, which has a dark colour for shading below your cheek bones and a light shimmering colour to highlight on the top of your cheek bones. Sleek Makeup have a lovely compressed powder kit which is very affordable at £6.50. These powders can also help you contour your nose and face as well. There are no limits on what you can do with these products.

Highlighting tip: If you have ran out of your highlighting product or your in a rush and can’t find it. You can easily use any bronzers or eye shadows of gold and white tones to replace your highlighter on your cheeks.

Did you like any of the products? Would you use any of these products? What’s you favourite summer makeup essential?

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