Can You Trust Your Female Friends With Your Man? Check These 10 Signs!!!

Can You Trust Your Female Friends With Your Man? Check These 10 Signs!!!

Your girlfriends are supposed to be by your side and help you through your boyfriend highs and lows and give you advice etc. Unfortunately, not all girls play for team pink. When it comes time to meet your man, your friends need to be on their best behaviour and know that their relationship with him is based on their relationship with you. Of course you want your boyfriend and your pals to get along, but getting too close for comfort is a big no-no..hello!

Here are a few breaking girl codes we think is just over stepping the boundary of friendship.

1. Exchanging personal information the first time they meet.
The first time you introduce your girlfriends to your boyfriend, there is no reason your friend need your boyfriend’s number or email address. If there is a mutual interest or business opportunity between your friend and your boyfriend, a good friend will go through you first.

2. Contacting him excessively through other social media.
If you have introduced your female friend to your boyfriend and you all have become friends, perhaps they will add each other on Facebook. If however, she begins sending him flirty messages or writing on his wall too often, it definitely breaks girlfriend code.

3. Showing your boyfriend photos of herself in a bathing suit.
There is no reason your friend needs to show your boyfriend photos of herself in a bikini. Scantily clad pictures are private and suggestive and your friend should know that and not show your man.

4. Talking about sex.
Talking about all the different positions she tried last night are for you and your friend to discuss, in private – not with your love interest present.

5. Trying to make plans with him and his friends without you.
If your friend invites your boyfriend to a party or event that you are not invited to, it shows disloyalty and that she is not considering your feelings.

6. Calling for a favour or business without going through you.
If a friend needs to do business or get a favour from your boyfriend, she should always go through you first.

7. If she runs into him and “forgets” to tell you she saw him or purposely omits information.
A good girlfriend is always on your side and would always tell you if she runs into your man or has had a conversation with him.

8. If they were friends first.
If they were friends first, the friend needs to establish her loyalty early on and give your relationship the space and respect it now deserves.

9. Talking badly about you when you are not there.
Talking negatively about you when you are not around or sharing anything you and your friends have talked about about him in private is a big no-no. Your friend should always have your back and know that anything you have discussed with her about your relationship is not to be shared with him. If she is putting you down in front of your boyfriend – so not cool!

10. Not telling you if she knows that he is cheating on you.
If your friend knows your boyfriend is cheating on you, it is her job to let you know that, no matter how awkward it may be. Maybe you will react angrily and perhaps be suspicious, but when the truth comes out, you will know she is your friend for life.

What rules do you think female friends should not cross with your boyfriend? Do you know of anyone that has had a bad experience, how did they handle it?

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