Trey Songz 2011 Eye Candy

Trey Songz 2011 Eye Candy

Treys Songz, yummmmm! Not only does this young man look FINE, but he has worked so hard to be at the place he is at today. Touring with the likes of Jay z, Usher and many more. Check out the video below for the exclusive interview about Trey his music and business side. Love me a business savy man like Trey. 😀

What do you like most about Trey?

Trey Songz Talks Business and RnB

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  1. Mrs. Tremaine Aldon Neverson

    Yes Lord, he is so Fine.Touring with Ne-Yo but first he has his own mini tour with guest Lloyd, just in time for Valentine`s Day starts on February 11-14 2011. First they head to New York and end in Chiago. Four nights of great performances. Love You Trey! Smooches!

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