Well Done Team GB At World Championships Daegu Korea 2011

Well Done Team GB At World Championships Daegu Korea 2011

Wow! my eyes have been firmly glued to the TV for 9 days (in between doing blogs of course lol) for the World Championships Daegu Korea 2011. It was definitely the best of world class athletes, filled with drama, disappointments and emotional excitement. Overall Team GB won 7 medals coming 6th in the medal board (America came first with 25 medals!!!) Here are some of the memorable moments for me from team GB.

Jessica Ennis took silver in the heptathlon, I get knackered just thinking about doing that event. She performed so well and came close to Gold but was let down by javelin. ‘I have mixed emotions,’ Ennis said. ‘I’m obviously disappointed because I really wanted that gold medal, but it was the javelin that let me down. It was a big disaster for me. It’s a silver medal at the end of the day so obviously I can’t beat myself up too much.

Mo Farah won the silver medal in the 10,000 metres and ran an amazing 5,000m to win Britain’s first ever global title at the distance making history, what an amazing two races.

Phillips Idowu (kinda miss his red hair) was denied a gold medal by American triple jumper Christian Taylor, who is super cute btw ;p, his jump was crazy! But silver is still great, he says: “I jumped two season’s best. It wasn’t enough today but hopefully I can do it next year (at the London 2012 Olympics) and get gold.’Happy birthday to my daughter. Daddy got you a silver medal.’awww.

We saw a few emerging talents and names to watch out for like Louise Hazel, Perri Shakes Drayton, Osagie Andrew etc. A few disqualifications along the way and Former 400m champion Christine Ohuruogu was eliminated at the World Championships after false-starting in her heat, I was almost as shocked as she was poor girl, but I think this sets up us sport enthusiast till Olympics 2012. Come on GB. What was your fave moment from World Championships 2011?

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