Does Size Matter?

Does Size Matter?

Men love their penises. From the time he is born, a man’s penis becomes his best friend. He will love it, fondle it, get mad at it(especially when it stops working), respect it, listen to its opinion, (men think with their penis lol) and get in trouble for it. Men are obsessed with their penises, even if they don’t realize it. Most men live in constant fear that their manhood is not big enough. What they don’t realize is that a recent study, involving 800 men of all shapes, races, and sizes, concluded that the average penis size is 5.5 inches.

A Guy who may not have a big penis, but can certainly know how to use his magic wand to please her is better than the lazy stick any day! Women who feel that they aren’t pretty or sexy enough because they have small breasts are like men who think that having big penises make them more manly and better lovers. The truth is that these men lack self-esteem and their self-worth is placed into their penises. Sure any woman would like to have a big thick bar to play with lol. It’s like guys who are obsessed with big breasts.

Women simply don’t care about size. There will be the odd few who say it’s very important, but they are usually the ones who love aggressive sex. For women, penises are marvelous toys, and no matter what they look like, they will excite women if they are into the guy. Women do talk about their men’s penises often. But most of the time, the focus isn’t on size. We focus more on what you did with it. In all honestly, we will spend more time talking about whether you wash yourself and smell good, rather than what it looks like.

Having a bigger organ doesn’t hurt but is it really isn’t important when it comes down to having an intense love making session with your partner. In a recent poll taken among women, 82% agree that the quality of sex is much more important than quantity . In fact, many well hung men are known to be lousy lovers. First of all, if women feel comfortable with who you are, they will overlook penis size. If you are able to stimulate her with your personality, you need to do the same with your penis. Whether a penis is 4, 6, or 8 inches, if used properly, it can satisfy her and give her an evening of passion and love and pleasure.

We would love to hear your opinion on this very touchy subject for men, does size matter to you ladies?

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  1. Ashley

    Size doesn’t matter to an extent. But sometimes its just too small. However, if a man can make up for his lack of size in other ways, then we can’t really complain. Penetration by a penis isn’t everything. Honestly, even though my boyfriend’s penis is ~7inches, I prefer oral most of the time anyway.

  2. Guest

    I never used to think size mattered, but i was seeing a guy mind you i was very fond of him but when it got round to doing ‘it’ we found it diffecult! My first experience with a guy was average size but this guy was very small, not to be shallow but it meant i got turned off because i couldn’t feel much. :/… We tried different positions it just wasn’t working out. I just think it needs to be perfect fit to get the maximum pleasure, whether thats avearage in my case or big or small in other cases.

    1. peeks

      wow thanx for sharing that explanation hun, really appreciate the feedback. Its great that u tried different things to come to ur conclusion to find what’s right for u & yeah different sizes work for different people ;p x

      1. SEV

        What size works for you Peeks? ;p .. I joke.. I must say that a mans penis is his pride and joy and also his worst enemy when in relation to sex at times. Problems staying aroused.. keeping up.. self-conscious thoughts (am I big enough.. what’s she thinking??). Then theres the constant fears of STD/STi’s.. and making comparisons in your mind of other guys. If a woman is more tighter or closed it reinforces a mans ego if he had one at all.. the opposite logically makes a man insecure. Pelvic floors for women and Kegal exercises for men.. all help in enhancing your sexual prowess. Size does matter a great deal to most sexually active women but to women who seldom sleep around its less of an issue. I cant complain though.. factors that would effect me are external.. jealous swine and hateful men. Spiteful in nature and greedy.. I must say, black men deal with much racial hate and discrimination due to the ignorance of lesser men.

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