Be A Vegetarian For A Week & Feel Good

Be A Vegetarian For A Week & Feel Good

More and more people these days are becoming over weight or having a lack of fitness and health. Due to our poor eating habits and our excessive junk food diets its good to give your body something healthy break. We spoke about detoxing the body but becoming a veggie for a while could do you a world of good.
Benefits to being a vegetarian include a) better health i.e. you don’t have all those hormones from meat tearing up your digestive track and complicating your weight. With so much rumours about how meat is processed and there are countless other reasons that could drive you to become a vegetarian for a day, a week, a month, a year, or the rest of your life.

It’s a great idea to go vegetarian these days, because there are so many meat-like products that can help you transition out of eating meat, though those products are not made of meat themselves. Here’s a sample vegetarian menu to help you go vegetarian for the next seven days! We believe you shouldn’t feel hungry if you follow it correctly.

1: This menu is designed for you to eat several light meals a day. Keyword: light. Whether you’re a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you must graze, not stuff your face with a huge heavy meal once a day, or an enormous meal every chance you get).

2: The trick to “going vegetarian” the easy way is start off by making simple meals – and LOTS of them.

3: Flip the standard meal order. Eat dinner in the morning & breakfast at night. It makes NO sense to have light food in the morning when you’re revved up and ready to go, and then have heavy food right before bed.


You can switch up any of these ingredients, every day, for a week.

9:00 am – Start your day with some broccoli and cheese patties, a few sweet corn cakes, some carrot juice, and boiled eggs on wheat.

11:00 am – You can have a snack at this time that’s a freshly blended banana and strawberry smoothie with two granola bars. The ingredients should be all natural – meaning, just take strawberries, a banana, and some orange/apple juice… blend them, drink, enjoy. Nothing too crazy or artificial.

2:00 pm – For lunch, you can have sesame crunch salad with glazed fish, or a thick noodle soup with chunks of spicy vegetables, tofu and vegetarian meat as options, or baked plantains with spinach stew, or a hearty mushroom and rice dish, or a well-seasoned eggplant dish.

4:00 pm – You can have a snack that’s just a cup of grapes (maybe with a spoon of sugar-free yoghurt if you want some added volume).

7:00 pm – For dinner, you can have breakfast food: oatmeal or whole grain pancakes with pistachio nuts and boysenberry syrup (maybe eggs if you didn’t have them in the morning), or some light toast with tea, if you didn’t have bread in the morning.

9:00 pm – You can have a late night snack that’s another smoothie, if you’re still hungry.

Chances are you’ll be feeling just fine. And tiny if you assume this diet as well as a work out daily for at least 45 minutes.

Let us know what you think of the diet and if you would ever try this diet out in a comment below.

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