Must Have Legging Of The Year

Must Have Legging Of The Year

We are in love with these tribal print leggings and apparently so is 😀 Well we have been asked by a couple of girls out there where did I get my black and white Leggings in the video ‘Beginners Guide To Wearing High Heels’,but we found them at a off chance in a near by market, but not to worry we have found a few online. Reason why these are a must have item of the year is because they really compliment your lower body giving you more shapely legs and a great bum!(you know us girl we will buy anything that makes us feel good) Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Amber Rose, Beyonce and many other celebs have been rocking printed leggings as they know how hot they look on so we’ve found quite similar prints that you can take a look at and maybe even buy below. (Pictures are at the bottom)

Tribal print in white and black cost £39.99. We would defo rock these with a cute pair of black heels and a baggy top to give the outfit dynamics, topped off with a black leather jacket.

Queeneon Leggings with a mixture of colours of pinks, orange, yellow and neon green, cost £92.99.These bottom’s would look hot with a cut-up over sized white tee with a cool fun coloured print on the front, matched up with fresh white trainers and a baseball cap to top it off.

Leopard Print Leggings from Topshop cost £20.This can be easily dressed up with a pair of hot red heels a black low neck top with a leather jacket or dressed down with black trainers or pumps with a black t-shirt with a nice fun print.

Flash Leggings has a lovely mix of neon pinks, yellow and royal blue and costs around £85. These leggings would be hot for a night out with the girls, we would match these up with a neon coloured boob tube top with a over sized black vest and of course a pair of black heels.

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