Top 3 Must Have Dress Jackets

Top 3 Must Have Dress Jackets

It’s not Winter yet ladies but I think you might have to agree with me it getting a bit chilly in the UK. (Did we even have summer to start with?) It especially gets very cool when your out in the evening making your way home or even going out, the weather can chance from mild to freezing. If your out and a bout and your dressing to impress you don’t want to cover up your whole outfit. So what is a great idea is to sling on a fashionable jacket to keep you a bit warmer than if your weren’t wearing no jacket. Here are our top 3 fave must have dress jackets. (all pictures are below in order)

The Boyfriend Blazer. You can get many wears out of a jacket like this, you can pop it over parasitically anything you want from dresses to skirts, from work to a night out with the girls. The Nutmeg colour looks really expensive and can be worn though out the year with out the worry that the colour will be out of fashion. This blazer cost £65 from TopShop.

This beautiful Taupe Leather Bomber is simply divine. It’s a ideal jacket to wear outside as when it get a bit chilly and windy this will give you some protection against the wind while looking fashionable. This is at a great price of £45.

This beautiful Red Rose Printed Sheer Kimono is beautiful for a evening out. This would be a ideal jacket to wear over a black dress as it would really spice up the outfit. Love the layering and soft lines on the jacket as it really adds a feminine touch. This cost £42 from Topshop.

Would you rock any of these dress jackets? Which one and why? We would love to hear your answers in a comment below

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