Amazing DIY Rosemary Hair Oil Treatment

Amazing DIY Rosemary Hair Oil Treatment

Have you tried a DIY Rosemary Hair Oil treatment for your hair? If not where have you been? Not to worry ladies, its never too late. You can now try making your own lavish lavender and rosemary hair oil to treat your hair and bring back its lustrous look. Rosemary harbors antioxidants that will help to nourish and strengthen Afro hair. Avoid buying products over the counter, because these may have synthetic ingredients rather than the natural ones that will help your hair recover from the stress of work and play.

The best way to purchase rosemary hair oil is in a bottle with tinted colouring, because excess light can cause a breakdown in the ingredients that could result in the oil losing its effectiveness. Lavender is sometimes blended with the rosemary oil, to make an essential oil mixture that will treat your hair gently and naturally.

Below is a great Hair Oil recipe you can make at home;

*1/2 cup of dried rosemary leaves

*1/2 cup olive oil

Combine ingredients then heat up until warm. Strain. Coat the entire scalp and ends of hair with the oil mixture. Wrap hair in a plastic bag or shower cap. After that you can wrap a towel around your hair over the plastic or you can sit under a hood dryer with just the plastic wrap and no towel to aid the oil in penetrating your scalp and hair. Do either method for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash hair twice to remove the oil. Use the treatment twice a month or when your hair needs a deep conditioning treatment.

Do you have any of your own DIY treatment that work for you that you would like to share with us?

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