Girls Who Love To Date Sugar Daddies

Girls Who Love To Date Sugar Daddies

Living in this world where everything seems so hard to reach nowadays in terms of success and finance, means young women are taking measures to guarantee they get by in the life.  Most girls are working hard towards a pay packet, others are studying or starting up businesses. But an increasing number of girls are opting for getting by with dating rich older men aka  ‘Sugar daddies’. To me a Sugar  Daddy is someone that’s not just rich, it’s someone who knows he’s rich and uses it to get young women and doesn’t mind taking the tab on everything whilst he is with her. I use to move in these circles when i was younger and naive but got to learn real fast that it isn’t all good.

More and more girls i know seem to  want to date a sugar daddy and front that the relationship with them is air tight but this can never work for a deeper relationship. And who are these girls ? You see these girls at clubs hanging around back stages at events and before you say it no these girls are not groupies. They are a bit more technical in their approach, they are smart, dress in the most sexiest costly outfits and they tend to have more class than just “typical groupies.” The objective may be the same as groupies which is waiting to see if they can bag a celeb or footballer and they don’t care what it takes and some don’t care what they look like either. The main difference is a groupie gets a night with the targeted celeb, where as a girl after a sugar daddy gets the next few months or even longer. If you do date a Sugar Daddy it’s fun at first,  and you’ll feel like a princess, but after awhile it usually becomes clear you will be nothing more than a play thing and trust me he will get bored of you eventually as he seeks the next hot lady.

Bagging a rich man is not an easy task, especially finding one that will actually be able to love you. Make no mistake rich men are a blast to date! It opens up your life to all kind of possibilities and culture. But if you’re only with a man “for his money,” it will eventually suck the soul out of you, it will leave you feeling used, rejected and the feeling of going back to your normal life after is very draining. A lot of girls go into depression after he experience.

The thing is these rich guys are not stupid, they know that they attract loads of girls because of their money and they hold all the power in the relationship.

Its hard for the ladies to resist .Vacations, new expensive clothes, being driven in fancy cars and staying in glitzy hotels but at the end of the romance,once he gets bored with you the phone will stop ringing and the glitz will cease.

A Sugar daddy comes in many different forms. But in the end, they all seek the same thing. An exchange of money for sex/love and company, that’s the harsh reality.  Now were not saying a lady should not have a list of qualities she wants from a man even if money is in their, but if money is the only thing you care about, not age, compatibility or anything else that people normally go for when naturally choosing & entering into a relationship then you will forever be at the mercy of another person’s demands as well as wondering when the next hot girl will steal your thunder. There’s nothing better than building success yourself, that way no one can take it away for you, you will be empowered, just think how would you feel if a man was only after you for your money? If you so happen to naturally meet a sugar daddy let it be a bonus not a meal ticket after all a relationship is about give & take.

We would love to hear your stories if you have or know someone who is dating dating a Sugar Daddy and the outcomes of the situation.

Also we would love to hear your views on girls who love to date Sugar Daddies, is it ok?

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