14 Signs Your Man Is Secretly Cheating On You!

14 Signs Your Man Is Secretly Cheating On You!

In this day of high technology its easy for a guy to communicate with a girl on the sly without his bona fide girl finding out. He can now text her, bbm her, facebook her twitter her all under false accounts so you will never be the wiser. But most women think they would know if their partner was cheating on them. The sad truth is women are generally the last to discover their partners are having flings on the side. While some of the signs your man gives off are obvious – such as lipstick on his clothes and calls coming on his phone that he refuse to answer when you are about, If he is a master at keeping things secret some are not going to be obvious. So here is a list of the signs of a secret master cheater:

1. He comes home smelling like shampoo and soap.
He’s been out for most of the day or so he says, but he comes back smelling like he has just got out of the shower. We don’t need to explain what he’s really been doing do we!

2. He daydreams more than he previously did.
All of a sudden mister secret man starts day dreaming his mind always seems to be elsewhere.

3. He deletes all text messages and incoming/outgoing calls from his phone.
This is the obvious one as nobody has time to delete message s form their phone for no reason.

4. He does things to pick fights with you so he spends time away from you.
This is a cunning plan so he can be spending more time with the other bitch!! (oops sorry did I say that??)

5. He doesn’t seem to have as much money as he once did.
If your man is out dating other women, trust me, at the early stages he is spending cash in the process.

6. He doesn’t want any girl related stuff in his vehicle or flat.
If you are use to leaving belongings in his property then all of a sudden he is cleaning up your belonging from view then alarm bells should be ringing.

7. He has bruises or scratches on his body.
Don’t go jumping to conclusion because of a scratch on his body but take note of where they are. The buttocks, the back and the shoulders blades should be of concern.

8. He is overly preoccupied with his hair and skin.
Its OK for men to take care of themselves, but when he wasn’t before and now he is who is he doing it for?

9. He is taking trips and going out more than he previously did and you are not invited to go along.
OK no one is saying your man is not allowed to go out without you but if he use to invite you along, now it seems like he cant wait to go out and your not invited like previously then….you get the message.

10. He is uninterested or too busy/tired for sex.
When your man is getting it from elsewhere he will no longer feel to have sex with you so he will make up excuses.

11. He runs a short errand and it takes him hours to return home.
He keeps saying he’s just chilling over at his friends or on a quick errand but takes all night or hours away

12. He shows a sudden new interest in different types activities, films, food or music.
A good sign that someone new is in his life, is the sudden interest of things that he would never normally be interested in.

13. He suddenly has an interest in improving his physique and/or he joins a gym.
A man in the gym who is not connected to a sport is a man that looks after himself and will want to flaunt the results to the opposite sex.

14 You discover he has an email or facebook account you never knew about.
Watch out for this one ladies, the easiest way for connecting with the opposite sex is online and its growing.

Have we left out any signs? Please feel free to add them in, in a comment below. x

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