5 Autumn/ Winter Trends To Get Your Hands On!

5 Autumn/ Winter Trends To Get Your Hands On!

We can thank the London weather for us Londoners being ahead in fashion, as our weather pushes us into Autumn and Winter season early. There are loads of trends coming back and we are super excited to rock them as they are amazing fun and textured. To those ladies who are just coming into fashion trends, who are quite scared of experimenting, don’t worry girls. Our best advise to you is, if you like a trend ease it into your wardrobe and have a couple of reference pictures of how you can wear it. One day when your feeling brave just rock it and feel proud of yourself for trying something new. Going back to the trends here are our top 5 Autumn/Winter trends to get your hands on!

1. The Cape Coat.
Sometimes us shopping addicts don’t even need to really update our wardrobe, all we really need to do is update our Winter jackets. The Cape coat is a statement coat this season, the statement is being made with this very 60’s silhouette. It’s part Twiggy, part military, but all fashion ladies.

2. Prints.
Bold prints hit the runway at shows like House of Dereon, Sass & Bide, Diane von Furstenberg, and Stephen Burrows. The freshest way to wear prints this season is to mix them. Three foolproof ways to mix prints? 1. Stay in the same color family 2. Go opposite in scale (mix smaller prints with larger ones) 3. Pull it altogether with a solid color.

3. Colour Blocking.
Don’t call it a comeback, color blocking has been here for years, but made a big splash last spring and is trucking along for Autum/ Winter. Apparently a lot of fashionistas are flocking to color in droves and are seemingly ditching basic black which was once the “color” of choice. While this season will call for deeper yet still bold pops of color, you can easily rock your spring color blocking gear into the cooler months. Seasonless fabrics help you get more bang for your buck—simply add layers like jumpers coats scarfs and knit tights to keep out the chill.

4. Midi Skirts.
Loving this look, it really adds a simple classy feminine touch to your wardrobe. These kind of skirts look amazing when playing with the lengths to give you variety of looks. This midi skirt length looks hot with everything from tough motorcycle jackets to tucked with a pussy bow blouse.

5. Texture.
This has to be one of my fave trends of them all! From wool pencil skirts to suede booties to leather to fur accents, texture is big this season once again. Keep it fresh and interesting by mixing textures like leather and lace or even chiffon with wool. The cool thing about this trend is that if you’d rather not blow all your money on a single item, you can easily find great pieces at your local thrift shop or online, to find great finds that will cost you less. You can also buy inexpensive accessories like patterned tights, wool over the knee socks, or add an inexpensive faux fur stole to last year’s trusty Winter coat. Either way if you rock this trend your going to look super stylish for the Autumn/ Winter seasons.

We would love to know if you would rock any of these trends in a comment below. If you have seen any other up and coming trends we would love to hear them too.

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