10 Tips On How To Keep Your Man!

10 Tips On How To Keep Your Man!

We all want to have a happy, successful & fulfilled relationship and I’m sure every woman wants to be a trophy to her man, I know I sure do ;p It ain’t easy to be super woman let me tell ya sista lol so here’s a few tips on how to keep him & your relationship happy.

1. Give your man his space
I don’t mean he should go out to the pub every night without you as this would not be unfair to you, but men (and women) do need a certain amount of freedom or alone time, it makes coming back together all the more sweet.

2. Always Keep A Little Of Yourself Back
A certain element of mystery keeps it fresh and is challenging. Let him have enough that he’s secure, but not too much that you appear boring or too available!

3. Tell Him You Love Him.
Men really are big babies on the whole, and it makes them feel special. Why not make him happy, but only say it if you mean it, not as a form of manipulation

4. Bodily Functions Are a Definite Turn-Off
Passing wind and belching are very unattractive, and going to the toilet in front of your man really is not necessary. Sharing should not extend to these habits! remain feminine, not one of the lads.

5. Don’t Let Yourself Go
keeping yourself presentable and make an effort to look nice and fresh or you leave space for a man’s wondering eye to be captured or he’ll long for the woman you use to be when you made an effort.

6. Be Spontaneous
Don’t be afraid to try something new and exiting – find out your man’s innermost sexual fantasies and surprise him – he’ll love it and you’ll probably enjoy it too. This really helps to keep things spicy. He will be running home to you at the end of a hard day. men love adventure, so keep him interested to keep him.

7. Buy Some Really Sexy Lingerie, heat it up in the bedroom.
It will make you feel hot and sexy, and your man will find it irresistible!

8. Be Good Friends
Listen to each other, have fun and laugh a lot. a woman who can listen without butting in or cutting him off is a real art but he’ll love you for it.

9. Keep The Moaning To A Minimum
Moaning really infuriates men so if you have to, moan to your best friend instead. Let your man be the man, don’t knit pick thinking its cute or funny, men hate this, he’s not a child.

10. Show An Interest In His Hobbies
You don’t have to take them up yourself, just appear to be interested! maybe surprise him with a gift that he can use that way he will think of you whilst he’s doing something he loves.

Do you have any more tips to share for maintaining a happy relationship ? please share below

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