In the first part we talked about planning you and developing your skills and also keeping your ear to the ground at the new trends in the industry. But how can you be sure that you are ready to take your talents out there to the public?

Test your performance.
When you feel that you have reached a level where you would like to share your talent with others then you should find ways to perform in front of an audience. Putting on a show for members of your family or friends is a great start, but don’t stop there, will you family tell you if you are rubbish??? To get a really honest audience reaction you need to go further afield. This may involve taking auditions, approaching agencies for feed back, or simply taking whatever your talents are to a small stage. Bars, pubs, youth centres, local events are a great way to start small. Look in your local newspaper for adverts for up coming events. They will usually have contact details of the promoter where you can contact them to see if there is a spare slot to help out or for a performance. After any performance listen to those who are prepared to give a reaction, and don’t be too disheartened by rejection. Keep trying it will only make you better! To find success in the entertainment industry you will need to become very thick skinned.

Don’t give up the day job?….. or don’t have a job?
Until you find success in entertainment you will need to support yourself. It is likely that you will need to maintain a job and pursue your talent as a hobby for a long time before finding success, and this means hard work. Going to work will also help you to fund your interest and is something to fall back on should you find that entertainment is not for you after all. But there is a disadvantage, the time you are working could be spent crafting your skills performing, looking for that break and making contacts. A lot of successful people in the industry get in because they dedicated every bit of their time to breaking the industry and where prepared to make sacrifices. Some of these sacrifices has meant no money, no social life, no love life doing work for free to get them seen or heard. So you have to decide which side you want to take and try to get a balance.

Getting Noticed above everyone else
Getting yourself noticed is the hardest thing amongst so many people that are going for the same thing. So how is it that few get noticed when many don’t. Depending on what it is you are doing, its all about consistency. The art of doing over and over again if you put out a video on youtube or facebook, promote it as best as you can and then do another 2 months later and then do it again and again. If you are performing in front of 100 people in a bar once or twice a week then keep performing at various bars every week. If you wormed your way onto film or video set working for free then apply to another and another. Its all about consistency. THIS WILL START TO GET YOU NOTICED. WHICH CAN LEAD TO OTHER THINGS!

Be an Opportunist
Too many people nowadays think that their opportunity to get into the industry will come from TV, with X factor, The Apprentice, Britain’s got Talent , Britain’s Next top Model and numerous other shows, its no surprise everyone wants to do it the easy way. Yes I said it.. The easy way. Anything that is easy to do, you will see many people doing it which then increases the competition and lessens your chances.

One of the main reason so many become successful is they are great at ceasing an opportunity that makes them unique and stand out. Carry around with you anything that you can hand over to someone like a demo tape, business cards, DVD or what ever you can think of and make sure your contact details are on them. You never know when you might bump into someone that doesn’t have time to stop and chat but will take your photo, card or demo. The great thing is if you do then you will most likely be the only one at that time and place. But being an opportunist doesn’t just mean to have the above. It means you got to be a little gutsy. You have heard of People waiting for executives to come out of buildings and hopefuls thrusting their demo tapes into their hands, these are opportunists. I heard of a comedian from back in the day calling up a TV company and telling jokes down the line. This is an opportunists. Or of the wannabe fashion designer who put on a fashion show OUTSIDE a ‘London fashion Week’ to an audience as they where coming out. That is an Opportunist!

In every field you will find your opportunity that will stand apart from the rest. So good luck and keep on the grind x

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