Side Swept Curls Over Natural Hair Tutorial

Hey guys,
OK as you may know I’m on a natural hair journey, but whilst transitioning, I still like to style my hair. If your going through the same thing and are looking for a hairstyle that will work with both textures then side swept curls is for you. Now even though I am using heat, the bulk of the heat is only on the relaxed hair, not the new afro re-growth.

Check out the style and see if it works for you.

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  1. ananijosie

    @MOAMNETWORK Pretty much! i have been lazy and just putting it in braids and wearing wigs… I am not sure what ill be doing long term. I have been texlaxing… n i am debating on going natural? but i just dont trust myself LOL.. my inner relaxed self always wins heheh. When i do this style ill make a video and post it as a response! LOL


    @Soul4eva1 u know maybe u can try bendy rollers (will do a tut soon for that) side sweep ur hair, put in a roller set on damp hair, let dry then style as above, how long is ur hair? than again u cud blow dry, than follow as i did above dependin on ur hair textyre, trial & error hun , let me know how u get on x

  3. GetAllTheJuciy

    Gorgeous hairstyle! I was jus wondering if u had really short hair before? As u have a lot of regrowth but not much length, is that due to breakage? Or do u cut off the relaxed ends?

  4. Soul4eva1

    AWSOME! MY HAIR IS ALL NATURAL…cuz i BC on July 2, 2011……i don’t know how it’s goingto be. do you recomen to flat iron all the hair first, then do the curls in the front? basically my hair is almost same lenghts as yours. thanks.

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