OMG! I’m Pregnant, Now What???

OMG! I’m Pregnant, Now What???

Being young women and doing adult activity’s may have consequences when not using protection, in some occasions you may catch a sexual transmitted disease, get pregnant or worse get HIV. But what we will be talking about today is about getting pregnant and the decision of possibly having an abortion. If you are not pregnant and your not ready to have a baby please do the right thing and have your man wear a condom. Do not just leave it up to the guy to provide the condom, that is an old school way of thinking. If you do get pregnant, here are a few tips to help you.

When you get pregnant the first thing you will be asking yourself is, omg, how do I tell the guy? Well with every situation it will be different. Its for you to decide, we would say If you have a partner who is somewhat understanding we suggest it will be better to discuss the whole pregnancy, and what will happen, and you will both be able to choose what the right thing is to do, so you dont’ have to make the choice alone. We have also seen some girls who are in horrible situations and they have abusive boyfriends where it didn’t end up in a fairytale ending, so there is a lot to think about when you become pregnant and decide to tell your partner. If this is your situation, consult first with a trusted family member or best friend for support, before breaking the news to your partner.

The next question, do you have the baby or do you go through with an abortion??
It’s a really difficult question to say yes or no to. Your decisions, wither right or wrong, you will have to deal with the consequences and take the responsibility, some people believe that once pregnant, its a blessing, and if a woman has an abortion it is wrong. Especially when it comes to religious or spiritual beliefs. So regardless of the situation they will go through with having the baby and decide what next from there. Some young women, even though are not ready to have a baby will sacrifice their career and teenage years, to be able to have the baby as they cannot live with the feeling of guilt or regret if they did have a abortion. Also some girls have a supportive family, friends and partners to help bring up the child so the situation will be easier that if they were a single parent.

When your a young lady you have your whole life to live and a future in front of you, most can’t just merely look after themselves let alone a baby. Some women that make the decision to go through with an abortion are not ready to be a parent, cannot afford to bring up a baby, and they may have a career where they can’t take time out and its their only chance to be able to take that opportunity and some just don’t want a baby. Also they don’t want the feeling of having the baby and not being able to supply the baby with what the baby deserves. Another reason is when the young woman grows up she doesn’t want to live in regret and hold the baby responsible and why they didn’t become successful. It’s a hard discussion to make for any female to do, so we hope that you think about it long and hard before doing it, as it can leave a lot of emotions un-dealt with. I’ve seen a few women who have had an abortion have depression, inner turmoil, guilt and huge regret. In some cases it can effect the body and future pregnancy.

The final option is if you are pregnant, don’t want to or cant keep the child but are against abortion is to put the child into care or adoption. This way you can possibly reunite with your child later when you are in a better situation. All these decisions are tough to make, especially if you are alone, frightened or in a bad situation. But please think honest and careful before you make your decision that you will live with for the rest of your life. Try not to think of right now, also think of how you will feel years to come.

The best thing is to try and avoid the situation at all costs if your not ready for a baby. Please don’t think of having sex just this once or rely on the guys to “pull out” in time, this is a dangerous game to play and it will leave you having to make some veeery tough decisions that could change the rest your life.

If you need further professional advice please read here.

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