Sensual Massage To Rub Him Up The Right Way!

Sensual Massage To Rub Him Up The Right Way!

Thinking of trying erotic massage or want to brush up on your finger skills? then what are you waiting for, It’s relaxing, enjoyable, safe and a hot boost for your sex drive woohoo. So revive the erotic potential of every part of you and your partners bod, grab some candles, oils, soft towels & lets get rubbing ;p

Try out our massage ideas and techniques. Don’t forget that they can be performed on both men and women…so drop him some hints! yoohoo

How do I go about it? Get your partner to lie down comfortably on his back with his head positioned on a cushion. Kneeling down behind him, place your hands on his forehead and start to stroke him lightly from his nose up to his hairline, alternating hands. Repeat this around ten times, varying the intensity of the pressure according to how you think he’s feeling. To finish, place your palms on his temples and keep them there for two minutes.

Why is it so good? Because it stimulates the energy centre behind the forehead, also known as the third eye. This relieves tension, eases stress and brings a feeling of wellbeing.

A good time to try it: This is a gentle massage, so it’s ideal to start with before you move onto raunchier massage. Give him a head massage first to get him relaxed and in the mood. Head massage is perfect for beginners: it’s quick and easy and gets you used to physical contact.

Tip: To make the massage more erotic, make small circular movements on his scalp, which contains lots of sexual stimulation spots.

Note: The ear is a very sensitive and highly erogenous area that can send shivers of pleasure through the body when stimulated. Explore with your tongue or just hot breath, but beware: some people can’t bear being touched too close to their ear. Stop at the first sign that he’s not enjoying it!

Chest massage

How do I go about it? Position yourself on the right of your partner, in line with his hips. Place your hands on his pecks then make 3 circular movements: clockwise for the right breast and anti-clockwise for the left. Still making circular movements, bring the breasts in towards each other, then separate them. Next, slide your fingers from the nipple towards the outside of the breast, then make a gentle kneading movement with the skin, varying the pressure. To finish on a more sensual note, delicately kiss his chest.

Why is it so good? The chest and stomach are among the most sensitive parts of the body: the skin around the collar bone is very thin so very receptive to touch. And in both men and women, the chest is a secondary erogenous zone that, when touched, leads to arousal of the primary zones (genitals).

A good time to try it: When your libido is sluggish. 30 minutes of sensual chest massage should be enough to relight the fire.

An extra idea: Why not use a feather or brush to caress his chest? You’ll have him shivering with pleasure, though some guys really hate this & cant handle being tickled so don’t be offended & just carry on.

Note: Nipple stimulation alone can lead to orgasm in 24% of women, according to a survey.( lucky girls)

1) Dine lightly beforehand: a light aphrodisiac meal is perfect (fish, (OK you can have chicken too) strawberries, champagne…).

2) Heat the room up: 25° is ideal. You’re both going to be naked, so you don’t want to freeze! If the temperature isn’t high enough, your partner’s muscles won’t relax, his body will tense and he won’t get any pleasure out of it.

3) Create a relaxed atmosphere: dim the lights and disconnect the phone so you don’t get disturbed. Put on some soft, relaxing background music and burn some essential oils (3 drops of orange blossom to relieve tension, for example).

4) Make yourselves comfy: arrange cushions, warm blankets and soft thick towels on the bed, sofa or floor.

5) Invest in some massage oils: choose relatively fluid, oily ones that slide and don’t stick! Avoid chemical paraffin oils: opt for organic plant oils. There’s a huge choice of oils out there, from almond and macadamia to apricot kernel and sesame.

6) Remove your jewellery and cut your nails so you don’t hurt him! And avoid any scars and varicose veins.

7) Pay attention to his reactions: vary the pressure you apply depending on how much he’s enjoying it, and move to the rhythm of his breathing.

8) Vary the techniques you use: light, feather-like movements, rolling and kneading.

9) Share: Take it in turns to massage each other, it creates a bond, relaxes you both & creates intimacy.

10) Use your imagination: You don’t have to follow the techniques word for word. Intersperse massage with kisses and gestures of affection ( hello)  & create your own happy ending mwah x

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