We all might have a friend that can just walk into an event and become best friends with every person in the place by the end of the night. These types of friends have the ability to forge quick friendships but not only making friends they have a social advantage in business too. These popular people are often expert networkers. In this competitive job market, where 80 percent of all opportunities are found through an acquaintance, it’s essential to expand your network to advance your career. Even if you don’t have the gift of gab, you can learn the art of effective networking. Here are some simple techniques to connect with people more successfully so you too can become better at connecting with people.


When I attend events for business, I usually have an idea of who will be there. I will have the names of the people and also do some research on them if they are really important, so I know their faces and what they do. The opportunities of meeting very important people are very rare so its important to set your self goals. For example before the end of the night, you could say you want to have 5 other people’s business cards that you could possibly work with in the future. This way you kind of forced your self out of your comfort zone to meet new people.


If you see the person you want to approach you need to watch their body language and if they are bored then that’s a great and ideal opportunity to strike up some conversation. If the person is busy or in a rush and you really want to meet the person, you have to go in for the kill quickly and sharp because that might be your only chance of meeting with them. So a firm tap kind of hold to get the person’s attention if they are surrounded by people. Always introduce yourself with a firm business like hand shake, your name and eye contact.


If you’re going to a networking event, make sure you check an industry insider paper or web site prior to stepping foot inside the door. Make sure that you have two or three industry-specific stories that you can make reference to. After you’ve approached someone and the small-talk runs dry, bring up one of these stories and ask what he or she thinks about it.


Team up with a co-worker to double your networking opportunities. When you arrive, split up and mingle. After you’ve had small talk and discussed the industry buzz with a new person you’ve met, say “I’d love you to meet my friend.” Not only will your new acquaintance feel special, but you are also helping your friend meet someone. When you introduce him or her to your friend, give details about the new person you’ve met. Use this opportunity to pump up your co-worker’s credentials as well. She will do the same for you with her new connection. Now you both have two new contacts.


An effective tip regarding accepting business cards. Rather than just glancing at a person’s business card and then stuffing it in your pocket, hold it during the conversation and take a moment to really look at it. Compliment your new contact on her card’s design. This small action will show respect and that you appreciate being given this person’s contact information.

We hope we have helped you on a few basic tips on how to network with people successfully, please do share with us if you have any great basic tips to add to our list.
What are some techniques you use to keep in touch with someone new?
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