Amazing 1200 Twitter Followers Competition (closed)

Amazing 1200 Twitter Followers Competition (closed)

Woohoo, its that time again for a fabulous giveaway! I’m giving away an amazing bumper package to one lucky Twitter follower, it couldn’t be easier to win. Please watch the video below to see the amazing prizes you can get your hands on.

Here are the rules to enter our Twitter Competition:

  1. You must be a twitter follower (join here)
  2. You must write a tweet in no more than 140 characters telling me why you should win the grand prize
  3. Copy & paste that same message you wrote in twitter  in the comments section below with your twitter id name
  4. When I reach 1200 followers I will contact the winner via twitter and let you know you won woooohooo!

This competition is open worldwide and all I ask is the winner send a pic of you and your prize for the gallery. Good luck ;p
Terms and conditions apply

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  1. CocoaPiiNK

    twitter id: @cocoaPiiNK
    i want to win bcuz i love the mo-am network for di inspiration an power yuh have given mi so winning would jus make mi year! <3

  2. Star

    @moamnetwork I would so love to win your give away i have been watching your vid for a while now. You are awesome and you have like the swag style it is dope I so love it. So i would love to win because u pick out great stuff ur style is H-O-T-T.I woul dso love those Pastry

  3. Neneh

    My tweet :
    @moamnetwork I have been a fan from the very beginning, before you even uploaded any videos! You’re inspirational and I have learnt a lot.

    love from @HelloNeneh x

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