Sex Tips For Ladies: Going Down South

Sex Tips For Ladies: Going Down South

This topic has been a subject matter to many a young women in that after college congregation or the day after your best friends finally does the do with her new boyfriend. But these days its still quite taboo to talk open about this topic, girls don’t just readily admit to doing it, especially in the black community. We can teach each other tips on skin care or how to dress, or even how to act on her first date …but tips on eeer goin down south? Well that’s a different matter entirely.

The question that usually pops up is “Did you go down” and ‘what was it like’ and most important did you like it? Now no ones is claiming to be an expert here but there has to be a general way of doing it and then remix it to suit what your man likes best. So if your a bit of a novice, we are gonna give you the general way to get you educated and then you can find your own way around what your man likes.

Teasing Is GOOD
Look, your man is not going to complain if you immediately tear off his trousers and attach yourself to his parts like they’re the room’s only source of oxygen, but, if you want to really blow a guy’s mind,(no pun intended lol) keep him guessing about the outcome. Remember, this is supposed to be fun, and, most importantly, if you know you’re going to go down south keep him guessing? You’ve got all the power. Use it. Enjoy it.

The Approach
Now that he’s intrigued by where this story is going, it’s time to start the skills. This is done by going in a make-out sesh and kissing his ears, neck, chest, etc. — each kiss just an inch or so farther south. They say one of life’s tragedies is you lose the ability to experience the pure joy of a child as you get older. Not true. That kid in “A Christmas Story” who wanted nothing more in the world than a Red mountain bike grew up and felt the same excitement when he realized, I’m about to get a good seeing to by my beautiful woman.

The Basics
So, you’ve reached Manchester. A key point of good oral sex is it should also come with a side order of good hand to hand massage. Kinda reminds me of food, its like the burgers with no fries, or the chicken with no rice. They both go hand in hand (oops gain no pun intended lol) You can practice with a banana or a lolly pop just to get the hang of what you would do rather then trying out on the real thing.

Two Hands Are Better Than One
So, one hand will be busy while your doing your routine. What to do with that free hand?

You’ve got options. You can run that hand up his midsection, and do the old stomach stroke, or, if you’re feeling a real sense of connection, grab his hand. I’ve always sort of enjoyed the latter, it’s my chance to find out what working as he squeeze your hand when your doing something right.

The Main Event
What guys think that most girls forget is that any decent man wants the girl to get some kind pleasure out of this. But don’t over act it.It’s great if you’re enjoying yourself; again, it’s not necessary to sound like you’re getting a Swedish massage (too much moaning is a little fake) but enjoy yourself and let him know that.

The Big Finish
Look, this is the awkward part, the choice regarding disposal. Now, as you must know there’s about a small percent of men that would rather you didn’t swallow. This is the same percentage of the male population that wants to kiss you right after if you you have, so I will leave that up to you. Also if you need to spit it out, spitting, as in non-bedroom situations, is gross and awkward and fun for nobody unless there is wine drinking and some kind of county fair contest involved. You know what else? It’s the simplest thing in the world, but don’t act like the mess the boys made on her bed linens is toxic and potentially lethal but rather its OK to lie there for a seconds so we can all catch our breath, it means the world to the guy. Once your eyes roll back into working position, then gladly go fetch some tissues or hand towel.

Most importantly, be thoughtful and considerate; think of your man as an individual and not an automaton who will respond well to the things your last boyfriend liked or the horrifying sex tips found in some women’s magazines. (Mints — just don’t involve them!) Do unto the genitals of others what you would have them do unto yours ;p

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