Swagger Jack! Rihanna VS. Adriana Lima VS. Kylie Minogue In Emilio Pucci Blue Dress

Swagger Jack! Rihanna VS. Adriana Lima VS. Kylie Minogue In Emilio Pucci Blue Dress

I looove this dress, I need it in my life!!! OK cool, hot flushes over, I’ve calmed down, but can you blame me? The fab Emilio Pucci blue embroidered dress is hooot. Just check out Rihanna bringin sexy back, even she has to have a look *you look good gurl*

Emilio Pucci is synonymous with luxurious pieces with a show-stopping flair from colourful prints to sexy embroidered separates. Not-to-mention he has designed some of the most gorgeous gowns for the sexiest celebs.

So which celeb has the best Emilio Pucci blue dress swag? I vote RiRi ssshh ;p

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