Dare To Dream: 14 Tips To An Incredible Life

Dare To Dream: 14 Tips To An Incredible Life

We know that life can be frustrating, scary and overwhelming sometimes. We also know that pulling up the covers and crying away the pain and heartache till your makeup smears (you know you’ve done it too lol) and your eyes turn red. Talking ourselves up to believe that we are good enough and deserving can be tiring. I know that having big, BIG dreams can seem lonely sometimes, because nobody believes you can achieve them. Trust me ladies I know. I and others I know have struggled with family and friends who laugh off our dreams as fantasy and continue to direct us to a ‘real job’ but what they are trying to say is that they cant live without the security of a 9-5 job so how can we? This is how we want to live our lives. I’m having the time of my life. Sure its hard work and sure its a risk putting so many hours a day of my life into it be I LOVE IT!!!!

So what do you dream about doing with your life? This is your time, your chance at being someone who can make a difference and be brilliant. Your time to love hard, work hard, play harder and kick your high heels up, create some magic, and change lives. Your time to make someone smile and laugh. You can be fun, you can be sexy, you can be you and dance naked in the sun (just make sure no one else is around lol *youtube* ;p)

Nobody on this planet is perfect so stop trying to be. You don’t have to be right. You just have to be you.

So here are 14 tips to help you lead an extraordinary life by embracing YOU in all your glory. Get ready to glow sunshine!

1. Practice acceptance for yourself as you are and the best of you.
2. Stop trying to be everything to please everyone.
3. Laugh and smile as much as possible.
4. Balance your input into your mind by reading, watching, learning along with your out-put to creating, giving and inspiring.
5. Really take care of your body: eat healthy, exercise, don’t smoke, eat less, move more, sleep 8 hours, learn to listen to your inner signals.
6. Always celebrate your successes no matter how small. Celebrate others’ successes too don’t be a hater, be a congratulator ;p
7. Embrace your strengths and stop worrying about your weaknesses.
8. Always Tell the truth about yourself.
9. Set boundaries with your time, energy and money. Respect them.
10. Be colourful, its much more enlightening.
11. Create meaningful connections with things like faith, loves and friendships.
12. Ignore the haters. It’s your life, your legacy, your choice.
13. Share your story of your successes with the younger generation
14. Take your dreams very seriously and go for them.

Are you going for your dreams?

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