Stunning Winter Perfume Brands: Mark Jacob, Fendi, Diesel, Burberry & More!

Stunning Winter Perfume Brands: Mark Jacob, Fendi, Diesel, Burberry & More!

Mmmmmm, I love a good perfume and there are so many stunning fragrances and beautiful bottle designs from top brands being release this winter. So time to drop hints or treat yourself to brands like, Hugo Boss, Fendi, Diesel, Lancome etc Phew my heads already in a whirl, so here’s the scoop on which scent is best for you.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Hot Pink Edition

Bright, fun and sexy, this limited edition of Marc Jacobs iconic Daisy has a cocktail of strawberries, violet, jasmine, vanilla and wood notes. Marc Jacobs Daisy Hot Pink Edition, £54

Fendi Fan di Fendi

With leather, patchouli and pink pepper this is a very sultry nude for any woman who has a touch of fiery Itallian passion. Fendi Fan di Fendi, £39.95

Burberry Body

The nudes: Light, mildly floral warmed with wood and amber notes. Imagine having super-soft, sunkissed skin and wearing nothing but the scent and classic Burberry trench. Burberry Body, £45

Diesel Loverdose

As cool and as sexy as your Diesel skinny jeans. Full of gardenia, vanilla and ambrox – a creamy, musky note. Diesel Loverdose, £35

Pucci Miss Pucci

Heady, sultry and sensual mix of pink guava, mandarin, jasmine tuberose and vanilla.
Pucci Miss Pucci, £41

What fragrances are you loving? Drop your comments below?

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