Learn To Love Your Imperfections!

Learn To Love Your Imperfections!

We have all been there before, looking in the mirror and wishing we had better thighs or a better nose, ass, breasts, chin the lists goes on & on &…lol. When you think of People like Halle Berry, Rihanna or Beyonce, physical flaws probably don’t come to mind. But the truth is all the sexiest woman have little imperfections. But its how they embrace them and still ooze this self confidence is what makes them even more attractive.

Everyone has that imperfection that makes them different because that’s what makes you unique. No one else has that “imperfection”. No one else has that scar or the birth mark.”

A recent study from dating site OKCupid found that women who accentuated their so-called flaws had better luck getting dates. So whether it’s a bump in your nose or a scar, only you really notice.

What’s the imperfection you love most? drop me a comment below x

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