Flirting Ideas That Will Make Your Man Want To Get It On

Flirting Ideas That Will Make Your Man Want To Get It On

Men love a good old flirt, so do us girls and its even better when its with your boyfriend. There are so many things you can do to flirt and would make your your man want to take you in the bedroom and get your grove on!
So here are a few flirting ideas that will make your man want to get it on.

When he’s least expecting it, tell your man you need some change. Then stick your hand in his pocket and fiddle through the fabric and touch around his private place, pretending that you’re really digging around for that coinage you need. When he’s good and hard, whisper something in his ear like, “Is that a roll of coins in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?” He’ll practically bust out of his pants.

Heels Is all You need

So when your chilling at home with your boyfriend watching TV or movie just pop to the bath room and take all your clothes off and put on your most sexiest heels and walk back into the room, this will be shocking but a very pleasant surprise for your man.

No Undies

So when going for a meal or club wear your most sexiest black dress you’ve got with no undies and when your sitting at the table or in the night club whisper to him, your commando. This will make his eyes pop out of his head and won’t be able to stop thinking about you and him getting your grove on.

The Rub

So if your out and about try the rub, the rub is when you slightly rub your body next to his and it really makes a statement when you rub your butt against his ding dong, what a great way to flirt ;p

The Lick and Suck

So when your eating dinner and its time for dessert order something with chocolate or ice-cream. When you start eating it take your time and look into your boyfriends eyes and then start to lick the chocolate or ice-cream off your spoon and when you feel like it put the whole spoon in your mouth and suck the spoon and slowly take it out of your mouth and to make it a little bit more interesting offer him some of your dessert and fed it to him. If you really want to make him want it even more, use your finger to do the same.

Any more tips that drive your man wild, feel free to share below x

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