I was not born in the 1970’s when everybody apparently loved one another, looked after the communities kids and said “Good morning” to anyone who passed them by. However, I do suspect that we- as part of the larger UK’s society and as a people – have gotten worse than ever at participating in, delighting at and finding pleasure in the pain of others. While not all situations may be compelling enough to make one want to ‘help someone out’, why do so many people find it necessary to kick someone when there down? What’s worse still is haters have found a safe haven to inflict their campaigns without a soul knowing. Welcome to the Hater Paradise of the world wide web.

Celebrities (the traditional ones who sing, dance or act and not reality) have long since had to contend with the public’s dual obsession with making them huge and watching them screw up, but the internet and the rise of reality TV have given ‘regular’ people the opportunity to experience the same love/hate relationship from the audience. Its disheartening to see how much joy people get from watching a reality star- even an obnoxious one- lose her home, or by watching an actress try kill herself with drugs. If someone else’s pain is your pleasure…you might want to consider what’s up with you and consider a new high.

I had an experience myself last month that made me wonder, ‘what’s with all the hating? and why post it online? I have a new client with my job doing online PR; it wasn’t much just promoting a few of sites for a couple of weeks which I did from home. I did really well on the first week and my client was really happy with the results so he suggested that I could do the work at their offices and have my own desk. I turned up for work on the first day at the office. However my client introduced me to a group of older professionals in the office and told them anything to do with the PR of their website should be reported to me. They gave me that fake smile kinda look and I came across their facebook where they where mocking me as some kind of lame upstart and they have no intention of bringing me into their circle. It was embarrassing and disheartening and I only found out because it was pointed out to me by another work mate who I was cool with.

Mean-spirited…that’s a good word. A lot of straight up mean-spirited-ness in the world these days. It’s one thing to enjoy the downfall of the wicked, the nasty and the despicable, It’s understandable to root for the failure of those who may have hurt you or caused you grief. But to simply take pleasure in the problems of others simply because you can is just awful, ‘least as far as I see.

Are we truly becoming a nation of haters?
There seems to be a trend in which we are more and more idolizing people who have at the base of their identity the spread of hate. These people are considered entertaining because of the controversy and the extremism they represent. But our consumption of their product is creating a culture in which hate is heroic.
Now we are not talking about people with opinions, or those that make a conscious stand for their beliefs or against politics or the status quo. Everyone has there opinion and we all applaud freedom of speech.

But haters are different breed and one thing is true about hating, its the negative effect that it creates and the damage to its target which is the end result. But its damaging effect is known prior to the action being given. So there for the hater is a planned, cunning individual which makes it all the more malicious. That’s the reason why so many haters go out their way to be anonymous so they can conflict as much hate damage as possible without being identified and then slip and mix back into society like nothing happened and that’s what really scary about it. (Sounds like the Matrix)
All I can say is don.t hate congratulate cause karma is a Bitch!.

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