How To Take A Sexy Surprise Photo For Your Man

How To Take A Sexy Surprise Photo For Your Man

OK ladies if your going to do it, you might as well do it right. What am I talking about? doing a hot sexy mama pic for your man. There are many options to do this but, if your on a budget or your a lil shy then this is the best way to get started.

Here’s a little excuse for you to go shopping or better yet get creative & customise a hot daring outfit that makes your body look amazing & make sure that it is something that makes you feel sexy and confident as you want your confidence to radiate in your photo. Smize with the eyes Tyra Banks style.

Next decide what location you would like to use, again were trying to do things on the cheap so I suggest you use your own or your very understanding friend (who could also double up as a photographer) Most friends will actually be happy to help out, me & my friends take pics for each other all the time, this one just requires a little more extra effort.

Get some props to dress your location like some patterned cushions, satin or sheer sheets, just make sure you still remain the main focal point. Does your man have a fave football team, sexy outfit he loves to see you in or a fantasy character he mentioned in passing? now is the time to pull out all the stops.

When you have done your hair & make up so you look smoking hot, practice a few angles & when you have warmed up, set up your camera on a tripod & set the timer or get your friend to take some pics, make sure it is someone who you trust & will encourage you not mock, also tell her you will return the favour or if she likes you can take pics for her when your done as most girls want to try this out lol. Have fun, don’t over exaggerate the poses, what you are doing is already sexy, be natural but confidant.

Next when your all finished, if you have a computer you can either make a sexy cd of pics for your man to look over, print up your fave one & frame it for him. IF your feeling a little less shy get it printed professionally. This is one gift he wont forget in a hurry…SURPRISE!


Would you do this for your man?

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