Time With The Ladies, Top 4 Ideas For A Fab Night

Time With The Ladies, Top 4 Ideas For A Fab Night

It gets to a certain point where you haven’t seen your friends in a while, what with uni, collage or work. A lady needs her time to catch up on all the goss that’s been happening with her friends as well as bonding time away from all the stresses of the day. What better than to organise a fun night out or in with these ideas for bringing everyone together. Here are my top 4 ideas:

1. Karaoke night: My sister has these games Singstar with Microphones for the play station & I must say it got quite competitive, with many fights over the mic lol Its packed with modern & old hits, singing & rapping! Why not put on little competitions & make it interesting, just make sure you warn the poor neighbours first!

2. Movie Night: Get some of the good ole rom coms or sing along movies, you know the kind your boyfriend usually complains you force him to watch! Love Jones, Boomerang, Dirty Dancing etc. Stock up on the pop corn, finger food platters & a few naughty drinks, get in your jammies & lounge.

3. At Home Spa: There’s only so much you can do by yourself, massage, painting nails/toes (I can only do left side well lol) etc so why not get the ladies round to help you. Face masks, manicures, oils for massage, new hair styles. You’ll be all ready to hit the tiles or surprise your man after your pampered session.

4. Bowling: How long has it been since you done something really fun? Bowling is sooo good even the wacky shoes make you laugh. It doesn’t matter how bad or good you are. You can chat in between, get drinks, food & its a great way to bond & take pics to remember how much fun you had years from now.

Hope you enjoyed, what’s one of your ideal girl nights out or in?

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