7 Reasons Why Women Love Cuddling After Sex

7 Reasons Why Women Love Cuddling After Sex

Hey girls. If you’re man is anything like the guys I’ve dated he will probably think nothing of falling asleep right after sex (I know, its rubbish lol) but I know you might have other ideas. The thing is that most men don’t think of cuddling as something which you should do after-sexual activity. Its in the woman’s nature to want a talk and a cuddle after sex, so a man that realises this (most men don’t even know) will benefit from it. Here are some reasons why women love cuddling after sex and why all guys should do it…hint hint.

1. Sex leaves her feeling vulnerable. Every woman wants to feel loved even after a few hours of uninhibited animal sex. She wants to know that she is adored by the man she slept with.

2. Cuddling after sex turns into a woman’s emotional release. Having an orgasm during sex is satisfying, but the emotional gratification isn’t complete without some romantic cuddling after sex.

3. Unlike many men, women can go for seconds after a short while. Women are capable of multiple orgasms, but don’t always come one after another during sex. Sometimes, a woman needs to recuperate and recharge her physical and emotional batteries by cuddling before going for it again.

4. Cuddling adds a compassionate warmth and romance after a wild session of “animal” sex

5. A display of affection by romantically cuddling can boost arousal for round two. Think of it as after-play and foreplay for the next session.

6. Cuddling after sex is a woman’s way of saying “let’s talk”. Women treat sex like an intimate date, which means conversation before and after sex.

7. I know most guys would rather turn over and hit the zzzzz’s right after love making, but trying to stay awake to hear her talk about her day is recommended even if its for 5 minutes (we promise we wont chat for long if you did a good job ;p)

What do you guys think, have you ever been left feeling vulnerable after sex?
Do you think men should always deliver the after-sex talk or cuddle? drop your comment below x

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  1. gurunyan

    After sex if my boyfriend doesn’t cuddle then I always feel used, like he’s done and finished with me. I end up lying in bed bawling my eyes out while he goes off to get a drink and go to bed. I don’t think guys understand how bad it makes us feel.

  2. sandy's cougar

    As I woman I want to feel as wanted after sex as I was before it.
    Cuddling, and kissing is reassuring, It says to me that my partner cares for the long term. I need to know I am not about to be abandoned.
    After sex a woman feels vulnerable, cuddling makes her feel protected and still connected to her partner.
    If you plan to keep this woman in your life, then you need to show her that you care beyond climaxing.
    Guys that roll over and go to sleep, give out a dismissive message whether they mean to or not. To women it can translate “I’ve finished with you”.
    So guys while you of in happy after sex sleep, your lady may be laying there utterly emotional unsatisfied and filled with self doubt.
    Guys it is more so important if you know your partner has a history of sex abuse, that you show her after that she means more than 15 or so minutes of your time.

  3. Douglas Gray

    I have been in the position of having sex with a girl and had her roll over and fall asleep,she must have been an anomally. I love having a cuddle and chat after sex, problem is,it doesn’t work on a one night stand,because both of you know that its no strings attached so any chat after words is limited to ” i have to get up early in the morning” and this is from the girl, i am stupid enough to hope a one night stand will turn into a relationship, and it never does,

    1. Whydouneedmy

      It never does, moreover, it’s plain madness to think it will on a one night stand…

      ” Hey girls. If you’re man is anything like the guys I’ve dated , he will probably think nothing of falling asleep right after sex”…

      Wait a minute, I know that sex is for married people, but unfortunately, many girls are using up their sweet juices before marriage. Pity betide the guy who marries such.

      this website was followed this far, thinking it was put together by those who know how to put a home together, but now I know better and pray not to pass by the way of this hell again

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